How do you know when it’s time to hire a consultant?

Chris Schorre/Vice President of Global Marketing/EMERGO Has this happened to you lately? • You spent countless hours online trying to research a specific process, but still don’t have a solid understanding of how it works. • You are under pressure to get a project done, but don’t have the internal resources to complete it by

Emergo whitepaper: Navigating labeling and symbol requirements in the European medical device market

A recent white paper published by Emergo discusses European rules regarding use of labeling and symbols for medical devices, and how electronic labeling as well as harmonization standards are impacting compliance under EU medical device and IVD directives. The EU recognizes more than 20 official languages, note white paper authors Jennifer Tribbett and Megan Gottlieb,

Are the BRIC markets still worth the effort?

Stewart Eisenhart / Senior Regulatory Analyst / Emergo Group If the title of this article sounds pessimistic, it’s for a reason. Compared to the highly evolved medical device markets in the U.S., Europe and Japan, the growing BRIC markets–Brazil, Russia, India and China–continue to perplex new entrants. The BRIC markets have long been pursued by device