The 11 most innovative medical devices of 2017

The nominees for the best medical technology of 2017 were recently announced for the 11th Annual Prix Galien USA Awards. The Galien Foundation, the host of the awards, hands out the the Prix Galien Award annually to examples of outstanding biomedical and technology product achievement designed to improve human condition. Before candidates can qualify for

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Ethicon offers new precision stapling for thoracic and colorectal surgeries

Ethicon announced that it has launched its new Echelon Flex GST (gripping surface technology) 45 mm system for controlling tissue movement in thoracic and colorectal surgery. The new Echelon Flex GST is designed to help with precision stapling performance with a staple line integrity for a wide range of tissue thickness. It’s best used in

13 more women leaders in medtech

The medtech industry is increasingly gaining women leaders. Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic have a handful of women in positions of power, which is a step forward for women considering that only 4% of healthcare CEOs are women. Keeping with the theme of March’s Women’s History Month, here are 13 more women leaders in medtech

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Antimicrobial sutures can prevent surgical infections, study says

A new study analysis shows that antimicrobial sutures can be effective for preventing surgical site infections and can be cost effective. Antimicrobial suture technology coats the antiseptic triclosan onto synthetic, absorbable, polymeric sutures. The broad-spectrum antiseptic fights against typical surgical pathogens like Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. The safe amount of triclosan that can be placed