Repeat sterilization for adhesives in reusable and non-disposable devices

Here’s a review of the common adhesive materials and their reaction to sterilization processes. Christine Marotta, Henkel Intricate medical devices are often constructed of thermoset and other engineered plastics, which require advanced adhesive technology. In addition to considerations of bonding, sealing, gap filling, and manufacturability, developers need to consider the sterilization plan that all materials, including

Check out Henkel’s flash cure system for medtech assembly

Henkel has developed a system of flash cure for medical devices, disposables, and fiber optics. The products include two LED cure lights and two adhesives that offer instant cure. The EQ CL28 LED Curejet—on display last week at MD&M West in Anaheim, California—is a high-intensity spot cure device with wide cure area. The intensity reaches

Henkel to show off new LED curable adhesives

Henkel Adhesive Technologies—a provider of adhesives, sealants and functional coatings—plans to show off its new rapid LED curable adhesives at MD&M West, Feb. 7–9 in Anaheim, Calif. (Booth #3040). Besides its new highly flexible and rapid LED curable adhesives specifically formulated for medical device assembly, Henkel also has the latest high power LED curing systems to

What adhesives are a good fit for plastic substrates?

Jason Spencer/Global Market Development Manager/Henkel New developments in adhesives are helping medical device manufacturers produce devices that are more chemically resistant to the harsher cleaners and disinfectants used in hospitals. These pre-qualified, fast-cure adhesives demonstrate superior performance under challenging conditions, enabling customers to reduce the time and resources needed to evaluate assembly methods. This leads to shorter

Henkel and PolyOne Collaborate to Develop Disinfectant-Resistant Materials for Medical Devices

ROCKY HILL, Conn., Sept. 19, 2016 – Adhesive manufacturer Henkel Corporation and plastic supplier PolyOne Corporation are collaborating on the development of new materials and assembly methods for medical devices that are more resistant to the harsher disinfectants now in use in hospitals. This collaboration provides higher-performing solutions, shortens development time and speeds up manufacturing

Flexible LOCTITE instant adhesive from Henkel now available with Fluorescence

Henkel has developed a new highly flexible instant adhesive, LOCTITE 4902FL, with fluorescence for detection in cured and uncured states.  It bonds reliably to plastics, rubbers, metals and other substrates and provides rapid fixture speed combined with high bond strength. The fluorescence in LOCTITE 4902FL allows the user to verify that the adhesive has been

Updated Loctite® Adhesive Sourcebook from Henkel Now Available

Henkel Corporation has updated the Loctite® Adhesive Sourcebook for 2014 to include the latest adhesive, sealant, lubricant, coating and dispensing/curing equipment technologies. Available in print and online as an e-catalog, the new Loctite® Adhesive Sourcebook 2014 is a comprehensive 212-page reference that features more than 1,500 products for industrial manufacturing and maintenance. The Adhesive Sourcebook

Key Selection Criteria for Medical Device Adhesives

The use of adhesives for medical devices is growing at a near 10% annual rate, claims Skeist Inc. in their 2007 assessment of this market.  Medical adhesives can be classified into the categories of implant, device and equipment, tissue bonding, pressure sensitive, dental, and wound closure. Within the device and equipment category are several types