How Igus bearings helped create an exoskeleton to support surgeons

Igus bearings are helping to take the load off of surgeons by way of Airframe exoskeletons from Levitate Technologies. Airframe exoskeletons are designed to support the arms of those who encounter repetitive motions or stationary arm elevation for an extended period of time. The exoskeletons help transfer the weight of the arms from the shoulders,

How Igus moving plastic components are enabling medtech innovation

Advanced plastic components maker Igus sees more medical sector opportunities. Here’s how its e-chains, bearings and linear systems are enabling innovation.  Igus – maker of advanced plastic components including e-chain cable carriers, bearings and linear systems – has its main medical customers in Europe. But that could soon change. The company plans to sell to

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These speedy BD robot arms store and retrieve medications in seconds

It’s not difficult to see hospitals and pharmacies challenged by dispensing thousands of drugs with speed and accuracy. As the number of drugs rises, so do security issues. To address both, the Rowa Division of BD in Germany has introduced two machines. The Rowa Vmax provides for the automatic storage and retrieval of boxed pharmaceuticals

Cell stacking technology creates living human organs

Research engineers at Brown University have figured out a way to build tiny versions of human organs one micro-level at a time, and Igus technology helped enable the innovation. Using cells that are shaped as microscopic honeycomb-like patterns, Jeffrey Morgan, a professor at the university, created a method that consists of precisely stacking molded cells and

Self-lubricating plastic bearing for continuous high rotational speeds

The new iglide L500 material is suitable for applications in fans and electric motors, among others. With the new iglide L500 material, igus, the motion plastics expert, has announced the release of their newest specialist bearing solution, ideally suited for continuous operation in high-speed rotation applications under low loads. The L500 material combines extraordinary wear

Grease-free Bearings Eliminate Maintenance in Lab Equipment

A manufacturer of scientific instruments and lab equipment recently replaced its recirculating ball bearings with DryLin R linear bearings because the recirculating units required frequent maintenance and re-lubrication — time consuming and expensive processes. The new bearings are dry running and do not require external oils or greases. This feature is especially important for medical

Plastic Bearings and Linear Guides Put the Moves on MRI-guided Robot

Edited by: Leslie Langnau, Managing Editor Reprint Info >> Equipment for use with MRIs faces several unique challenges, not the least of which is dealing with the magnetics. These researchers met those challenges with piezoelectric and plastic components. Mechanical systems play crucial, functional roles in any mechatronic design. For PhD candidate Hao Su and Professor

A New Way to Roll

By Tom Miller, Bearings Unit Manager, North America, igus Inc., East Providence, RI Reprint Info >> An innovative wheel and bearing design helps a team of young inventors design a promising new wheelchair. “Dare Mighty Things” is not just a catchy slogan for a team of students from Upper Darby High School in Pennsylvania, but

Plastic Bearings Make Patient Transfers Easier

Everyday mobility can be a problem for those who are sick and bedridden. Getting out of a wheelchair, bed, car seat, or chair can be difficult, especially without assistance. Until recently, people struggling with standing and walking did not have many lightweight and portable devices to help them become more mobile. Rather, typical handicap lifts