Exhaled breath can identify bacterial infections: Here’s how

Researchers at Radboud University have discovered a way to quickly detect bacterial infections using only exhaled breath. Humans create ethylene, also known as a plant hormone, naturally as a result of oxidative stress caused by UV radiation and other things. The researchers discovered that ethylene is created when there is inflammation in the body and

This bacterial discovery could prevent biofilms

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have discovered a potential new way to eliminate biofilms to reduce the number of hospital-borne infections. Biofilms are a group of microorganisms that stick to a surface. Over time, the cells in the biofilm can grow and cause chronic infections and can even become resistant to antibiotics.

New imaging technique could better spot ortho implant infections

Prosthetic joint infection is becoming a costly and rising problem in the U.S., simply because of the rising numbers of joint replacements occurring. University of California San Diego engineers suspect they have a new non-invasive method to detect the infections early, in orthopedic implants as well as prosthetics used by amputees. The new prosthetic infection