5 tips to protect your medtech startup’s innovations

Building a strategic patent portfolio is crucial to success for a medtech startup.  David J. Dykeman, Greenberg Traurig When it comes to starting and building a medical device company, a strong patent strategy tied to business goals can be the driving force behind venture capital investment, strategic collaborations, and mergers and acquisitions. In order to

Why medtech needs innovations in the law department to protect intellectual property

Cindy S. Ahn, Longford Capital Here’s the scenario: after investing millions of dollars and years of resources in R&D, your company has received approval to market your cutting-edge medical device. If your flagship device does not establish a strong foothold on the market, the enterprise will likely be doomed and your investors will lose most,

Expect high acquisitions, possible bidding wars in 2018, medtech expert says

Look for another strong year for medtech acquisitions in 2018 — and even potential bidding wars — predicts patent attorney David Dykeman. The wave of mergers and acquisitions in the medical device industry should continue this year, both in terms of value and volume, according to patent attorney David Dykeman. “Many large medtech companies are

How Medrobotics’ CEO thwarted possible corporate espionage

Medrobotics CEO Samuel Straface has a habit of being last out the door – a habit that may have saved his company from corporate espionage. Good leadership isn’t a trait that manifests itself only when there’s a team to oversee. It’s a persistent quality that, when managed correctly, requires constant and consistent effort and can

How to protect your digital and mobile health innovations

Patent protection is becoming increasingly important for mobile health developers as more devices and applications join the connected world.  David Dykeman, Greenberg Traurig The emergence of medical mobile device apps and wearables is revolutionizing healthcare. Home monitoring, big data, the Internet of things (IoT) and personalized medicine are putting mobile health (“mHealth”) apps at users’

Intellectual property: How medtech startups can protect it

All companies begin with an idea. The details of protecting intellectual property, however, can be daunting, especially if your idea is in the field of medical technology. N. Scott Pierce and Alexander Adam,  Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds PC Starting a medical device company requires a vast array of knowledge, including knowledge about almost every

Patenting strategies for medtech startups

Patenting may be a daunting task, but it is critical to facilitating a company’s success. Here are some tips on how and when to think about patents. David Dykeman has advised numerous startup companies during his more than 20 years practicing patent law. The intellectual property attorney serves as co-chair of the global life sciences