Paper pump powers microfluidic devices for less than a dime

North Carolina researchers have developed a pump that powers microfluidic devices using paper. The inexpensive paper pump – developed by researchers at  North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – uses capillary actions to power portable microfluidic devices, which control fluids of 1 ml or less volume. “One longstanding

Could lasers someday detect disease?

EMX Advanced Technologies claims progress toward developing a disease-detecting laser. EMX officials say they’ve designed their real-time laser spectroscopy line of quantum cascade laser driven devices to provide early detection of diseases in a non-invasive way. They also see potential uses for the laser related to homeland security and hospital environmental monitoring. Company officials claim their

This chip can detect metastatic cancer cells

Mechanical engineers at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) have developed a chip that takes a drop of blood from a cancer patient and uses the blood to identify metastatic cancer cells. The device uses antibodies that have attached to carbon nanotubes at the bottom of a well. The cancer cells bind to antibodies based on

MIT engineers create disease-sensing 3D antibodies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) chemical engineers have developed 3D arrays of antibodies that have the potential to easily diagnose malaria or tuberculosis. The arrays contain 100 stacked layers of antibodies on the sensors. Other antibody sensors typically only have one layer of antibodies. The design approach relies on thermodynamic interactions that drive molecular building blocks

Luminex wins FDA nod to test for dangerous pregnancy infection

Luminex continues to rack up FDA clearances for assays to use in its Aries systems. The Austin, Texas–based company said Wednesday that FDA has cleared an Aries assay for group B streptococcus. It’s the third assay FDA has cleared for use with Luminex’s Aries systems. The GBS assay has also received a CE-IVD marking. Luminex