DeviceTalks West: Here are the speakers you’ll see

Hundreds of medical device industry insiders are expected to descend on Orange County, Calif., this month for DeviceTalks West – a premier boutique networking and learning event. From the VP in charge of Medtronic’s neurovascular business to the artificial pancreas pioneer Jeffrey Brewer, here are some of the speakers you’ll meet at DeviceTalks West, Dec. 11–12

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How product development outsourcing can make your medtech amazing

In today’s medical device market, more and more companies are using outsourcing as a product development strategy.  Stuart Karten, Karten Design There has been a fundamental shift in the way companies develop medtech products because of advances in digital technology, medical industry economics and public policy – such as the Affordable Care Act’s withholding of

4 steps to deeper medical device design insights

When it comes to medical device design insights, Karten Design might have a helpful tool with its “Voice of the Ecosystem” approach. There are many changes to the healthcare system, Eunji Park, lead design strategist at Karten Design, explained during a webinar this week entitled, “Unpacking the Ecosystem of Healthcare Consumers.” Cost increases in the healthcare

Reversing Perceptions: How to Make Hearing Aids “Cool”

Thanks to innovators like the late Steve Jobs, the look and feel of a design is just as important as the technology behind it. Take hearing aids, for example. Most people who need them refuse to wear them because they have a functional appearance that, to the users, implies a defect. The common thought about