7 digital health startups you need to watch in 2018

If you want to see where the big money is going in healthcare these days, digital health products are the place to look. Digital health startups raised $11.5 billion in 2017, up 27 percent over 2016, according to the StartUp Health Insights Year End Report. Digital health startups are doing everything from enhancing patient-provider relationships to

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John Snow Labs launches natural language processing lab to improve patient care with AI

John Snow Labs recently announced that it has launched its natural language processing (NLP) library with healthcare-specific deep learning models to help developers create software applications that understand medical texts. The NLP library will give healthcare providers the ability to quickly process and interpret a variety of clinical texts like patient notes, lab reports, clinical

Machine learning could unlock the brain’s secrets

Scientists have discovered a way to read human thoughts by observing brain activity. They have even determined where 10,000-plus different words are stored in the brain, and it’s all through harnessing the power of machine learning, according to a recent Vox.com article. Since 2011, Jack Gallant and his neuroscience lab at UC Berkeley have been able