How and when to outsource product development

Sometimes, it makes sense for a medtech company to outsource product development to bring their device to market faster and more efficiently. editor Sarah Faulkner spoke to Minnetronix‘s VP of business development and marketing, Jim Reed, about how and when medtech companies should consider outsourcing product development to a partner.  Faulkner: How should companies

DeviceTalks Boston: Here’s what you need to know

DeviceTalks Boston on Oct 2. will give attendees the chance to see some of the best minds in medtech live. There will be learning and networking opportunities galore. Read on and meet some of the top medical device leaders and experts who will be speaking – and discover other highlights from the upcoming show.   Next>> (See

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Minnetronix completes facility expansion

Minnetronix today announced the completion of a 22,000-square-foot expansion of its home in St. Paul, Minn. The investment – which brings combined space of the St. Paul facility to 125,000 square feet – will increase the medical device contract manufacturer’s production capacity by 50%. Minnetronix has nearly doubled its employee headcount over the past two

How to integrate usability throughout the design lifecycle

Sarah Blair, Minnetronix The task of creating safe and reliable medical devices is the primary responsibility of medical device designers. Judgment must be used in assessing technology, diligence practiced in evaluating customer wants and needs, and completeness achieved in the execution of designs and processes. Integrating usability throughout the design lifecycle can greatly facilitate a

Medical device requirements management: Here’s what it is

Rebecca Haag and Gary Seim, Minnetronix The total number of requirements for a project is generally correlated with the complexity of the system under development (i.e. how many functions and qualities it needs to have). For even moderately complex projects, this can become overwhelming. It can be difficult to keep track of where specific requirements

Electric medical device regulatory standards have changed: Here’s how

Dirk Smith, Co-founder of Minnetronix Medical devices in 2016 continue to benefit from dramatic technology developments across engineering disciplines. Electronic-based devices, in particular, are increasingly employing cutting-edge technologies to meet user demands for fast, multi-function, usable, safe and cost-effective products. As complexity in devices and technology rapidly evolve, regulatory requirements are following suit, with significant

Design, development and manufacturing partners are medtech’s silver lining

Here’s a positive development for medtech: the existence of a great variety of strategic design, development and manufacturing partners. Jim Reed, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, Minnetronix Predicting the future and planning a path through the uncertain medical device world is not easy.  We all occasionally take a glance in the rearview mirror

BioSig taps Minnetronix to develop new cardio display system

BioSig Technologies has contracted with Minnetronix to develop the first version of its Pure EP system, according to a letter to shareholders disclosed Friday. BioSig, based just outside Minneapolis, is developing a cardiac signal acquisition and display system which is designed to assist electrophysiologists in making clinical decisions for patients with abnormal heart rates and rhythms, including

What CardioFocus & Minnetronix learned over 16 years of partnership

Earlier this year, CardioFocus wowed the market when it won pre-market approval from the FDA for its HeartLight system, an endoscopically guided light energy device for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. The minimally invasive ablation therapy is considered a major advance in treating afib because it allows surgeons to see the actual tissue they’re ablating.