MTD Micro Molding named a finalist of 2017 Processor of the Year Award

MTD Micro Molding announced that it has been named as one of the finalists for the 2017 Processor of the Year Award. The Processor of the Year Award is a polymers technologies award that is given to companies that have shown achievement within their organizations, communities and polymer operations. Candidates for the award are chosen

Overmolding: 2 types to know

MTD Micromolding Some micro projects require specialty micro injection molding processes, such as overmolding. Overmolding involves two or more materials molded together to become one part. Examples include molding plastic over plastic or molding plastic over a preformed part, such as a metal insert. (See examples of common polymers and substrates below.) MTD specializes in

MTD Micro Molding expands overmolding capabilities

MTD Micro Molding recently purchased a new vertical injection molding machine to expand its overmolding services. The machine is designed to allow for further customization for higher capacity overmolding. Overmolding is a process that involves two or more materials that are molded together to become on part. Without the use of adhesives, greater part functionality can

MTD Micro Molding makes Inc. 5000 list

MTD Micro Molding (Charlton, Mass.) has announced that it has made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for the second time. The company has had a growth of 48% over the last three years and has been ranked at 4735 because of it. “I am so proud of my team,” Dennis Tully, president of

Manufacturing drug device products: challenges and best practices

Integrating a drug with a mechanical device can, in some cases, improve patient outcomes and boost sales. But manufacturing these products is no simple feat: It often requires a specialized contract manufacturer with extensive experience in the field to make a drug-device combo buildable and scalable. There’s a lot to consider when manufacturing a medical

5 lessons advanced manufacturing presidents learned from their dads

Working with your father isn’t always something you grow up thinking you are going to do. And sometimes taking over your dad’s advanced manufacturing company wasn’t always the plan either. Dennis Tully, current president of MTD Micro Molding (Charlton, Mass.), was involved with the contract manufacturer from his high school days. He cleaned the machines

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How to avoid micro-molding pitfalls in bioabsorbable materials

Bioabsorbable material can be a nightmare to mold into tiny parts. But the process is manageable when the tool is properly designed. Lindsay Mann, MTD Micro Molding  Bioabsorbable materials could be one of the great medical developments of the early 21st century. The material is moldable, and while it’s doing its job inside the human

45 years of expanding a manufacturing business by getting smaller and smaller

MTD Micro Molding, a long-time leader and expert problem solver in micro-injection molding for the medical device industry, has announced its 45th year in the micro manufacturing business. 150 years ago, Worcester, Mass. was a hub for manufacturing and industrial innovation. In the mid-1900s, the city’s industrial base faded away ­except for a few key

MTD Micro Molding showing off bioabsorbable molding expertise

MTD Micro Molding, a long-time leader and expert problem solver in micro-injection molding for the medical device industry, will be showcasing their bioabsorbable micromolding expertise at MD&M West 2017. The expo takes place Feb. 7-9 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif. “MTD has a 45-year tradition of helping customers refine their designs and select the

What is micro molding?

MTD Micro Molding When it comes to defining micromolding, size is not everything, but it is a good place to start. It starts with a part that has features you cannot see with the naked eye. You need a microscope to see the feature(s) and the fine detail. A precise mold is the first building

The 6 sciences of medical micro molding

The medical micro molding industry is still fairly young, but is rapidly growing and evolving. Being aware of shifts in trends and changes in technology helps to see where ­and how­ the next major innovations and breakthroughs will occur. In the medical device world, it’s often the smallest parts that carry the greatest importance relative

MedAccred’s first accreditations for plastics injection molding awarded to MTD Micro Molding and BMP Medical

In early 2016, MTD Micro Molding and BMP Medical volunteered to facilitate the pilot process for MedAccred’s new AC8160 Audit Criteria for Injection Molding. Both companies participated in the challenging and highly technical critical process pilot audits. As active members of the MedAccred Plastics Task Group, which is comprised of technical experts from a number

MTD Micro Molding is the first micro injection molding company to receive MedAccred Certification

MTD Micro Molding, a long-time leader in micro-injection molding for the medical device industry, is the first micromolding company in the world to achieve MedAccred Certification. MedAccred, administered by Performance Review Institute (PRI), is an industry managed, consensus-driven approach to ensuring critical manufacturing process quality throughout the medical device supply chain. MedAccred establishes stringent industry

MTD Micro Molding achieves ISO 13485 certification

After years of ISO 13485 compliance, MTD Micro Molding, a developer in micro-injection molding for the medical device industry, announced it has achieved ISO 13485 certification for its services in micro component manufacturing for their medical device customers. ISO 13485:2003, Quality Management Standard for Medical Devices, is an ISO standard that represents the requirements for a

West-Tech Materials named as MTD Micro Molding California Sales Group

MTD Micro Molding, a developer in medical micro-injection molding, announced the appointment of West-Tech Materials as its sales representative organization for California. West-Tech Materials was founded by Rick Campo in 1992. Over the past 15 years, West-Tech Materials has focused on providing product and technology solutions to the medical device market in the Western United