The 20 Largest Medical Device Companies In the World

When it comes to the largest medical device companies, it’s a changing cast of players – as demonstrated once again in Medical Design & Outsourcing’s latest Big 100 list. We pulled financial regulatory filings and reached out to major companies in some cases to create a list of the 100 largest medical device companies in

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Novartis CEO departs, leaving corner office to Harvard doc

Novartis‘ (NYSE:NVS) chief executive Joseph Jimenez is slated to leave his post next February, the drugmaker reported over the weekend. The CEO’s surprise departure leaves the corner office to Dr. Vasant Narasimhan, who currently serves as the company’s CMO and global head of drug development. The move comes just days after Novartis won FDA approval for […]

This contact lenses breakthrough could enable glucose monitoring

Biosensing contact lenses may not be able to self-heal like “The Terminator,” but they could measure blood glucose and detect other signs of disease in the future. Oregon State University researchers are set to present a study that suggests transparent biosensors that are embedded into contact lenses could provide insight for doctors and patients without