NPI/Medical invests over $1M in new equipment

NPI/Medical announced that it has invested over $1 million in molding and quality equipment to improve its product development and speed-to-market times. The Ansonia, Conn.–based medical device development and manufacturing company reported that it has had several equipment upgrades that are tailored to market, closed loop machine capabilities and process monitoring that are important for

NPI Medical makes multiple upgrades to injection molding machinery

NPI Medical has purchased two new injection molding machines and three robot pickers to provide medical device, life sciences and healthcare customers with faster, better speed-to-market for their new product introductions. The equipment upgrades offer several advantages for NPI/Medical’s customers, where quickness, improved machine utilization and stringent process monitoring are vital for final product launches,

A few ideas for improving supply chains

Randy Ahlm, CEO, NPI/Medical Improving profits is every company’s goal while reducing costs is every company’s challenge. The improving profits part is almost easier: Introduce new products and expand operations into global markets. The drawback is that newer and longer supply chains produce upward cost pressures. Recent supply chain improvements can provide relief from the

NPI Medical expands assembly and kitting capabilities

NPI Medical is pleased to announce an expansion of its assembly and kitting operations at their facility in Ansonia, Connecticut. “We have been providing assembly and kitting services to our customers for several years and see this as a natural way to help our customers redefine their supply chains,” said Randy Ahlm, CEO of NPI