OKW launches canting kit for extruded enclosures

OKW has launched its case canting kit for its Smart-Terminal extruded enclosures that are designed for table-top use. The new case canting kit puts the Smart-Terminal enclosures on a 12-degree incline for a more ergonomic reading and operating angle. It does not require extra screws to fit the kit as the lava gray canting moldings

OKW launches embedded PC and systems enclosures

OKW announced that it is launching a new embedded systems version of its Smart-Terminal enclosures. The enclosures are designed for peripheral and interface equipment, medical and laboratory technology, healthcare, measurement and control engineering, communications and more. They can be used for desktop, handheld and wall-mounted applications. OKW’s new version of the enclosures feature flat aluminum

OKW launches side bags for portable instrument enclosures

OKW recently added optional side bags to its Carrytec portable instrument enclosures to make sensors, probes and scanners more available while on the go. The Carrytec enclosures are ideally used for a variety of applications like medical and wellness, communications, data recording, agriculture and forest management. OKW’s new side bags are zip-opening and are available

OKW launches smaller instrument enclosures

OKW has released a smaller version of its Evotec designer instrument enclosures. The new enclosures are a 150 size and increase the Evotec size range to three plan sizes. Evotec enclosures are designed for tough working environments and are ideal for measurement and control engineering, IT, medical, laboratory and environmental technology. It can also be mounted on

OKW announces new size and stations for its Body-Case wearable enclosures

OKW has added a new size M and two stations to its Body-Case range of fully wearable device enclosures. Smart and comfortable Body-Case is designed for a wide range of wearable electronics applications including tracking and monitoring; emergency call and notification; and bio-feedback sensors for healthcare, wellness and sports fitness. It can also be used

BODY-CASE: OKW’s first fully wearable enclosures

OKW has launched BODY-CASE – the company’s first ever fully wearable standard electronic enclosures. Smart new BODY-CASE is OKW’s first enclosure designed specifically for fitting a standard 18 mm wrist strap – so it can be worn just like a watch! Each enclosure is supplied with two 18 mm spring bars for fitting the wrist