The ‘smart pill’ market could be worth $3B by 2025: Meet the key players

The “smart pill” market is expected to nearly quadruple in value to $3 billion by 2025, according to Grand View Research. Driving this growth is an increasing demand for minimally-invasive procedures, as well as better patient monitoring capabilities. There are a number of players in the pharmaceutical and medtech arenas looking to stake a claim

Olympus launches endoscopic management system

Olympus has announced that it has launched its Unifia system, an endoscopic documentation, workflow and asset management software platform. The system is designed to help staff supervisors, infection prevention members and supply chain manager have a better understanding of the use, cleaning, reprocessing and storage of flexible endoscopes. Unifia uses built-in RFID technology and OER-Pro

The 20 Largest Medical Device Companies In the World

When it comes to the largest medical device companies, it’s a changing cast of players – as demonstrated once again in Medical Design & Outsourcing’s latest Big 100 list. We pulled financial regulatory filings and reached out to major companies in some cases to create a list of the 100 largest medical device companies in

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Medtech stories we missed this week: June 30, 2017

From ConforMIS touting its knee replacement study to Consulting Radiologists’s new breast cancer detection tool, here are seven medtech stories we missed this week but thought were still worth mentioning. 1. Study: Low-dose CT scanning improves Ankylosing Spondylitis assessment A new study has shown that low-dose computed tomography (LD-CT) is more sensitive than X-rays for monitoring

Medical device enforcement is getting more serious—particularly in Northeast

There has been aggressive momentum on the side of federal medical device anti-corruption enforcers, in particular in the Northeast. Maureen Ruane and Scott McBride, Lowenstein Sandler There are more questions than answers on what a new and unconventional administration in the White House will do in 2017 in many areas, no less so in medical

FDA warns again on Pentax duodenoscopes

The FDA issued a statement today warning that Hoya (TYO:7741) subsidiary Pentax Medical’s ED-3490TK video duodenoscopes have a potential risk associated with the design and manufacturing of the device. Cracks in the adhesive that seals the scope’s distal cap and tip can lead to microbial and fluid ingress, according to information provided to the FDA by Pentax.

Olympus launches VISERA 4K UHD System

Olympus, a global technology company specializing in designing and delivering innovative solutions for medical and surgical procedures, among other core businesses, announced that Big Screen surgery with 4K UHD endoscopy is now available for ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeons through the Olympus VISERA 4K UHD System. VISERA 4K UHD, the first of many products from

Olympus unveils HD telescope with narrow band imaging (NBI)

Olympus, a developer for medical solutions and surgical procedures, announced the FDA clearance of its new high definition (HD) telescope technology with narrow band imaging (NBI) capabilities, which has been FDA-cleared for the improved visualization of bladder cancer. This telescope technology represents first-to-market introductions of extra-low dispersion (ED) glass for rigid surgical endoscopy. Olympus now provides

Plasma vaporization will soar with Olympus’ Plasma-OvalButton

Olympus, a developer for medical solutions and surgical procedures, announced the launch of its FDA-cleared Plasma-OvalButton for urologic procedures including minimally-invasive surgery to reduce enlarged prostate and the treatment of bladder cancer. The Plasma-OvalButton uses Olympus’ plasma technology in an electrode shape designed to maximize O.R. efficiency and enhance clinical outcomes. With a 25% increase in

Olympus offers next-day product replacement guarantee for medical devices

Olympus, a medical and surgical procedures solutions company, announced that it is guaranteeing next-day replacements for surgical equipment at no additional charge. Olympus is the first surgical product manufacturer to offer this type of guarantee. The service became available to customers with an Olympus Full Service Agreement earlier this year. “Canceled procedures can be costly for healthcare facilities