Intellectual property: How medtech startups can protect it

All companies begin with an idea. The details of protecting intellectual property, however, can be daunting, especially if your idea is in the field of medical technology. N. Scott Pierce and Alexander Adam,  Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds PC Starting a medical device company requires a vast array of knowledge, including knowledge about almost every

Two Supreme Court decisions take a whack at patent holders

Landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions signal an effort to shoot down patent trolls, but one expert says small business could get caught in the crosshairs. Recent Supreme Court decisions dealing with patents have some experts concerned that, rather than clarifying the rules and combating patent trolls, the rulings will instead weaken the rights of patent

Medtech patenting: How you might be leaving money on the table

Jackie Hutter, The Hutter Group Entrepreneurs bringing innovative new medical devices to market often make a significant mistake when they go to patent their work. I frequently find that these entrepreneurs focus their patenting efforts on the particular medical device product without also recognizing that a wider scope of coverage for their innovations may be