Qosina launches new Tyvek sterilization supplies

Qosina has launched a new line of Tyvek sterilization supplies for medical device components and biopharmaceutical equipment. The new Tyvek sterilization supplies have 54 options to choose from including a large assortment of pouches, sheets and tubes. They also come in a number of sizes and styles. Tyvek sterilization supplies are lightweight and durable and

Qosina launches closed male luer lock valves

Qosina recently announced that it has added four new closed male luer lock valve connectors to its line of luer-activated valves. The male valves are normally closed and connect directly to female luer lock or luer-activated valve. They disconnect by twisting counter-clockwise. Qosina’s new valve connectors are DEHP-free and can completely close when disconnected to

Qosina adds gamma-stable, large-bore tuohy borst adapters to offerings

Qosina recently announced that it has added tinted, gamma-sterilizable, large-bore tuohy borst adapters to its current line of tuohy borsts. The addition of the tuohy borst adapters brings Qosina’s number of off-the-shelf options to 13 that can accommodate instrument sizes up to 18 FR. Qosina’s new tuohy borst adapters are made from a clear or

9 exhibitors at DeviceTalks Minnesota you should know

DeviceTalks Minnesota is an annual event that allows some of the best minds in medtech to exchange ideas, insights and technologies. Medical Design & Outsourcing’s parent company WTWH Media holds DeviceTalks annually in Boston, Orange County, Calif., and the Twin Cities in Minnesota. It is hosted by MassDevice and attendees can plan to enjoy networking with people

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10 BIOMEDevice Boston exhibitors you need to know

Updated April 20, 2018 BIOMEDevice Boston provides an opportunity for more than 4,000 engineers and executives and 400 suppliers in New England’s design and manufacturing industry to connect and network. The annual event was held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, April 18-19. Hundreds of medical device industry suppliers showcased their latest technologies and capabilities.

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Qosina touts ergonomic slide clamps

Qosina is touting its slide clamps that have been an important part of the company since its founding in 1980. As one of the first products Qosina sold and one of its top-selling product lines, the company has evolved the original six slide clamps to add new innovative parts and remove old ones. Now, five

Qosina adds PenBlade safety scalpels to product line

Qosina recently announced that it’s adding single-use PenBlade safety scalpels to its product line, with the scalpels coming in surgical blade sizes #10, #11P and #15. The PenBlade’s rigid body is constructed of medical-grade ABS, and the blade is high-quality British stainless steel for improved sharpness and durability. The PenBlade is also ergonomicallydesigned and tapered for blade visibility. The pen-style activation

Qosina expands stopcocks line

Qosina recently announced that it has added 12 new stopcocks to its line of bulk and non-sterile components. The new stopcocks are designed to be REACH and RoHS compliant with low profiles and low pressure ratings. They also feature unique configurations like build-in styles. Qosina offers 100 options of the stopcocks and supplies one-way, two-way,

Qosina promotes Scott Herskovitz to CEO spot

Qosina (Ronkonkoma, N.Y.) has promoted Scott Herskovitz to president and CEO of the company – a global supplier of single-use components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Herskovitz was previously VP of sales and marketing at the company. Scott Herskovitz takes over Qosina from his dad Stuart Herskovitz, who remains board chairman. “I am very excited about

Qosina adds medical-grade O-rings to stock

Qosina (Ronkonkoma, N.Y.) has stocked its bulk, non-sterile O-rings that are used for static sealing applications between two components as a primary seal to prevent leakage. The O-rings are made from medical-grade EPDM and silicone which allows for heat resistance and suitable ozone and aging properties. They come packaged in 100 per bag and are available

Qosina introduces new 2018 catalog

Qosina is pleased to release its new 2018 product catalog, which features over 5,000 stock components. The four-color, glossy print catalog consists of more than 500 pages with full-scale illustrations on a one-centimeter grid and includes approximately 150 new parts, such as connectors, O-rings, forceps, valves, stopcocks, and catheter accessories. Also featured in the new

Qosina touts new bioprocessing components

Qosina recently announced that it has a line of bioprocessing components that are in stock and ready for shipment. The new bioprocessing accessories include Pharmafluor tubing, barbed connectors and flanges, sanitary flanges, press-in barbed plugs and compression fittings. The accessories also include tube and flange clamps in a variety of sizes and colors that can be

Qosina offering plastisol Y connectors

Qosina is touting the variety of Y connectors it stocks that are made from plastisol, a material used to make flexible components. Plastisol, also known as liquid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), offers great flexibility, according to Qosina. The material is Class VI approved and BPA- and latex-free. The Y connectors are made through dip molding rather than traditional injection

Qosina buys Alpha Industries

Qosina announced that it has acquired Alpha Industries (Clearwater, Fla.). The financial details of the deal were not disclosed. Alpha Industries’ adds its plastic forceps, clamps and bowls as an extension to Qosina’s current OEM components offerings. “With this acquisition, Qosina continues to expand its product line, which reinforces its position as a global leader

Qosina touts new connectors and caps

Qosina recently added eight new NRFit connectors and caps to its product line. The new connectors and caps, #40050-#40057, are ISO 80369-6 standard compliant. With the same design look as luers with a tapered seal connection, NRFit connectors are slightly smaller to prevent misconnection to male and female luers, as per ISO 594 standards. The