The 10 hottest medtech startups of 2017

Medtech startups face more challenges than they have in the past, but several companies are developing products that take advantage of new technology and are specifically designed to meet healthcare’s evolving needs.    The number of medtech startups has declined. Thirty years ago, the medtech field averaged 1,500 startups; it slid to about 600 by

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How the CellMist SkinGun heals: a Q&A with RenovaCare’s CEO

When Thomas Bold joined RenovaCare in 2013, he was already familiar with its potentially groundbreaking technology. Bold had served as StemCell Systems CEO in Berlin for many years. He was involved in the development of the CellMist and SkinGun – the platform technologies for RenovaCare Inc. The technologies represent a shift in thinking about wound care, Bold said. Bold’s goal

The stem cell ‘skin gun’ that’s aiming to disrupt wound care

RenovaCare’s SkinGun uses a patient’s own stem cells to heal their wounds faster and more efficiently than a traditional skin graft. Pennsylvania state police officer Matthew Uram suffered severe second-degree burns to his face, right arm and leg after a friend’s bonfire got out of control. Uram was facing months of painful skin grafts, the

RenovaCare president discusses regenerating stem cells using SkinGun

Thomas Bold is the President and CEO of RenovaCare. RenovaCare is developing first-of-their-kind therapies for regenerating human organs by using a patient’s own stem cells. With extensive business experience in biotechnology, device manufacturing, stem cell research and regenerative medicine, Thomas is streamlining RenovaCare’s flagship technology, the SkinGun. The SkinGun is a revolutionary technology that uses

RenovaCare SkinGun sprays human stem cells for skin regeneration

RenovaCare, a developer of novel medical-grade liquid spray devices and patented CellMist and SkinGun technologies*, announced favorable outcomes from laboratory studies conducted by Berlin-Brandenburg Center for Regenerative Therapies, a translational research center at Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, one of the world’s largest university hospitals. “Our goal is to work towards the use of our CellMist and SkinGun