Schurter announces solid state SMD fuse for demanding applications

Schurter recently announced its new High Current Fuse (HCF), which it is touting as a robust SMD fuse. The High Current fuse uses solid-state, thin-film technology.  It has fast-reacting breaking capacity rated 1000 A at 125 VAC/ 125 VDC, over a current range of 5 A to 15A. Schurter (Santa Rosa, Calif.) says the HCF

New waterproof appliance coupler could aid medical applications

Schurter is touting the company’s 4761 and 4762 waterproof push/pull appliance coupler set as a solution to the increasing need for safe and reliable power supplies to meet ingress protection requirements in medical applications. This appliance coupler is used for supplying a strong reliable connection and features a breakaway cable for overuse. It features a blue

SCHURTER takes wraps off polarized IEC appliance inlets for protection Class II

SCHURTER introduces two new appliance inlets, alike to IEC, style C8, for protection class II appliances. The 2577 and 2579 series polarize the line contact of the power mains into the appliance. The polarized inlets are widely used in portable audio devices, cable boxes, gaming, and other consumer products. The inlets offer solid pin construction

Compact single-phase filter for a wide current range

SCHURTER is expanding its successful single-phase filter family, FMAB NEO, with new design series P and Q.  This range of single-phase filters combines high performance in a compact design.  The new series extends the range of current ratings up to 60 A, with an extended temperature range from -40°C to 100°C. The new FMAB filter

Nanocrystalline Common Mode Chokes for 1 and 3-Phase Applications mount on PCB

SCHURTER expands its wide range of current compensated chokes with high current types for PCB mounting. The new DKIH series is now available with a nanocrystalline ring core, offering 8x higher inductance performance than ferrite core versions in the same compact dimension. The new product is designed for single and three phase applications with rated

SCHURTER Fuseholders will meet new standard for improved fire safety

SCHURTER is upgrading its fuseholder portfolio to meet the new IEC/EN 60127-6 standard, which becomes effective in October 2017. The revised standard outlines new requirements for enhanced fire safety. Consistent with its legacy of being first to market with internationally approved shock-safe fuseholders, SCHURTER continues to provide customers with components approved by the most current industry standards. An increased demand

Compact Power Entry Module for Protection Class II Equipment

SCHURTER expands its wide range of power entry modules to include a new version, without ground pin, for use in Protection Class II double-insulated applications. The KMF power entry module is already very popular for use in Protection Class I equipment, due to its high functionality in a compact package. The new Protection Class II

Schurter to showcase innovative medical Protection Class II products at MD&M West 2016

MD&M West 2016, also known as Medical Design & Manufacturing West, will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center on February 9 through 11. Schurter will be there demonstrating its high performance AC connectors, switches and circuit protection products that safely and reliably optimize equipment performance. The featured product this year will be the KMF and DC12 power

Outlet with IDC Terminals Speed Assembly for Power Distribution Units

SCHURTER announces its latest IEC appliance outlet with insulation displacement contact (IDC) terminals, the 4710. The new outlet provides increased power ratings over the popular 6610 series for heavier duty PDU applications. The 4710 is a J style outlet according to IEC 60320, rated 20 A @ 250 VAC by UL/CSA and 16 A @

Metal line switches with multicolor illumination and variable input voltage

SCHURTER is expanding its PSE, piezo metal switch and MCS 30, mechanical metal switch series, with new illumination possibilities powered by variable input voltages. Based on the used RGB color technology, it’s now possible to indicate up to seven illumination color options with just one switch. The variable power supply offers a homogenous and brilliant

Metal Line Switches with Multicolor Illumination and Variable Input Voltage

SCHURTER is expanding its metal switch range to include new illumination possibilities, through the use of RGB color technology. It is now possible for the piezo switch series, PSE, and mechanical switch, MCS 30, to have seven different ring illumination colors with just one switch. The multicolor illumination is powered by an integrated power supply

SCHURTER Extends current range of its compact, high-performance SMD fuse

SCHURTER expands the rated current range of its popular UMT-H Universal Modular fuse, to 12.5 A and 16 A. With its square, compact design of 5.3 mm x 16 mm, the UMT-H is the space-saving alternative to classic cylindrically shaped cartridge fuses (e.g.5 x 20 mm) and is well suited for automated assembly. The smaller footprint saves valuable board space,

SCHURTER’s new power entry module offers IP 54 protection with V-Lock cord sets

SCHURTER is pleased to announce, that its power entry module, series 5707, now offers IP 54 protection with V-Lock cord sets at the power input, in addition to IP 65 protection to the equipment. The sealed module is ideal for use in medical equipment exposed to leaks, drips and spills, as well as equipment subject

SCHURTER announces retirement of founder and management changes

SCHURTER announced the retirement of founder Bruno H. Schurter on June 29, 2015. The company, founded in 1982 in Petaluma, California, will change management effective July 1, 2015. Bruno H. Schurter, president and CEO will retire after 33 years of heading up the privately held company, which is a subsidiary of SCHURTER Holding AG, founded in

Safe power for medical equipment

Electrical equipment in the medical field must not place patients or medical staff in harm’s way. Designing safe equipment starts where power is supplied. New medical devices require that power connectors and power entry modules fulfill the base standard for medical electrical equipment, IEC/UL 60601-1. A short circuit or residual current can trigger a protective