Steute Meditech launches new table and chair foot switches

Steute Meditech has recently launched new medical table and chair foot switches. The new designs make the new additions easy-to-navigate and ergonomic for better ease-of-use and user comfort. Each of the units are customizable for both functionality and cosmetics for certain chair/table capabilities without the need for additional engineering or tooling costs. Steute medical-grade foot

Foot switches for imaging equipment

Steute’s X-Ray, MRI, and CT device foot switches provide reliable control for the diverse requirements demanded of these diagnostic tools. The easy-to-navigate and ergonomic designs makes for ease-of-use and user comfort. Units can be customized for functionality and cosmetics (colors, logos, icons, graphics) to complement the requirements and capabilities of your specific device… without any non-recurring engineering costs.

Steute Meditech offers wireless, medical-grade handheld controls

Steute Meditech’s wireless, medical-grade, handheld controls are designed with their proprietary, globally-accessible, 2.4 GHz frequency-hopping protocol. This bidirectional, 32 RF-channel protocol changes transmission frequency 200 times per second to provide extreme reliability in both surgical and therapeutic medical applications. Sleep-mode, fast wake-up time (less than 200 ms) and real-time battery charge status monitoring extend battery