Analysis: Robotic surgery will thrive in 3 major areas

Global science, product and technology development company Sagentia claims that robotic surgery is going to continue to play an influential role in three niche areas including minimally-invasive surgery, specialist functional applications and patient management. The company predicts that continuum and snake robots will be beneficial to minimally-invasive surgical procedures because they are able to navigate

6 surgical robots that will surprise you

Researchers around the globe have created surgical robots for solutions to procedures that are generally invasive and time-consuming. Whether its eye surgery or even finding a vein to draw blood, healthcare practitioners face daunting tasks, but robots have made these procedures easier (as easy as the DaVinci makes it look when peeling a grape and

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Oxford robotic surgery, synthetic retina advances could help visually impaired

The University of Oxford has recently had some major advances for treating the visually impaired. Surgeons at the university recently performed the world’s first operation inside the eye using robotics and a student created what the university says is the first synthetic retina. Surgeons go inside the eye with robots Ophthalmology professor Robert MacLaren and Nuffield

Phecda is world’s first robot-assisted upper cervical vertebrae surgery

Chinese surgeons implanted a screw to support a neck bone with the help of a robot in what they’re touting as the world’s first upper cervical vertebrae robot-assisted surgery. The Beijing Tinavi Medical Technology robot, named Phecda, was used to assist the surgeon at Beijing Jishuitan Hospital. Phecda is a surgical robot that has a

Surgical robotics specialist Medineering secures funding from Brainlab

The Munich, Germany–based surgical robotic startup Medineering has announced the successful closing of its Series A round. The investment of Medineering’s new strategic partner Brainlab will enable the startup continuing its way to becoming a global surgical robotic manufacturer. Specifically, the investment will be used for the commercialization of the first robot for endo- and