3D printing can give your medtech startup a competitive edge

You need to be fast and nimble to compete. A strong maker culture enabled by 3D design and 3D printing could be the way to do it. Derek Mathers, Worrell It can be a lonely world for medical and biotechnology startup entrepreneurs during the early days. Despite their deep desire to introduce and scale novel life-extending

3D printing is taking medical marijuana to a whole new level

3D printing is aiding an Israel-based company in the development and production of special selective-dose inhalers for medical marijuana and other medicinal plants. Nano Dimension (Ness Ziona, Israel)—which makes 3D printers for printed circuit boards—announced today that it has leased a DragonFly 2020 3D printer to Syqe Medical (Tel Aviv, Israel). Syqe boasts that it has created the