Reinforced silicone tubing: 6 things you need to know

Biocompatibility, flexibility and durability make extruded silicone a top medical device tubing choice. Keep these six things in mind when reinforcing it. Dan Sanchez, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions When it comes to their use in medical device, silicone tubes are getting even better –enhanced with a variety of reinforcements and coatings that help manufacturers meet the

What you need to know about heat shrink tubing

Heat shrink tubing comes in a range of materials for many medical applications. Custom materials are also available. Justin Fry, TE Connectivity Medical There is a lot more to medical tubing than extruded polymers. Heat shrink tubing, for instance, provides a range of materials intended to improve designs and solve engineering and manufacturing problems. For instance,

Vention Medical has new medtech extrusion tubing services

Vention Medical recently announced three new services to aid its extrusion customers. “In the medical device industry, speed to market is everything. These tools and services are meant to help design engineers from startups to large device companies get quick access to the extrusions they need so they can develop clinically effective, complex devices and