3D printing can give your medtech startup a competitive edge

You need to be fast and nimble to compete. A strong maker culture enabled by 3D design and 3D printing could be the way to do it. Derek Mathers, Worrell It can be a lonely world for medical and biotechnology startup entrepreneurs during the early days. Despite their deep desire to introduce and scale novel life-extending

What you need to know about industrial design and medtech

Worrell, a life sciences design firm in Minneapolis, recently came up with a metaphor for what industrial design offers the medical devices space: It’s “art in the OR.” So why does the OR or the medical device field in general need art? Worrell’s founder Bob Worrell lists 2 companies: Apple and Google. “Wouldn’t think of

How virtual and mixed reality are changing drug delivery and device design

Kai Worrell believes that virtual and mixed reality may change the way companies design medical devices, and he’s putting that idea into practice. “We think it’s going to transform the way we do feasibility testing and cognitive walk-through simulations,” he said. “We think it’s going to help us understand the cognition of our users, clinical