Glassdoor rating: 2.6/5

34% would recommend to a friend

Pros: Innovative products that are easy sells. Cons: 100% commission can be tough. — Former sales representative (2019)

Pros: Do yourself a favor and don’t even consider it. Cons: They don’t care about their customers or their employees. All that matter(s) is putting money in share holders pockets. Customer service is a nightmare. Marketing doesn’t know the product line well enough to teach on-boarding sales reps. The place is run by a frat house of big egos and fresh out of college worker bees that mean well but are just too green. Advice to Management: The basis of any good business is doing right by the customer. — Current sales representative

Pros: Great Products and Good People. Cons: Poor expense reimbursement and poor compensation plan. — Current sales representative (2018)

Comments to MedReps:

“The company keeps getting better every year I work here. Sales improve, product quality improves, leadership improves, training and facility improves etc. ConMed is better today than yesterday, but not as good as it’ll be tomorrow.”

“ConMed is a company with a very positive atmosphere. The leadership really cares about people. Furthermore, the company is having a great vibe as there are many new products launched year after year.”

“ConMed believes in people, products and profit and in that order. If we focus on our employees and customers, first, the other two will come. When we provide an environment where our employees focus on their strengths and have accountability and responsibility to make a difference. We create products that truly make an impact on the patient and the customers using it. We believe in profits, because they are what allow us to invent and acquire these products and they are what allow us to grow our employees and create jobs for many.”