Webinar on July 20: How mid-2017 has changed medtech


Join Medical Design and Outsourcing’s senior editor Heather Thompson and managing editor Chris Newmarker as they discuss exciting and dynamic events happening in the medtech industry. WATCH ON DEMAND 

The middle of 2017 is shaping up to be a continued whirlwind of activity for medtech. FDA is getting used to its new leadership but is facing a continued lack of clarity on user fees and UDIs.

Industry is seeing a deeper consolidation in medical supplies, exemplified in Cardinal Health’s purchase of patient recovery supplies from Medtronic. And patient-focused health is increasingly married to consumer electronics – the latest example being Dexcom’s recent partnerships with Apple to incorporate glucose sensors into the Apple Watch.



Heather Thompson
Senior Editor
Medical Design and Outsourcing




Chris Newmarker
Senior Editor
Medical Design and Outsourcing

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