Webinar: How usability research and engineering are changing medical device development


This webinar was recorded on Thursday, August 24, 2017. Click below to watch the webinar on demand.

An overview of the history and current state of usability engineering in medical device product development. Highlights include a review of regulatory requirements,  best practice guidance, and case studies showing the application of usability engineering. You will gain an understanding of the value of usability engineering in product development.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Understand the history of usability engineering in medical device product development
  • Recognize the regulatory requirements and expectations from the FDA
  • Integrate usability engineering into your product development process
  • Communicate the value of usability engineering to team members and upper management

Featured Speakers:

Sean Hagen
Principal and Director of Research & Synthesis
Black Hagen Design




Michael Lynch
Managing Consultant
Intertek USA, Inc.




Danielle Kirsh
Assistant Editor
Medical Design and Outsourcing



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