MD&M West 2018: Medtech supplier innovations you need to know

Updated Feb. 5 More than 20,000 engineers and executives are expected to gather and network for the annual MD&M West – one of the largest annual medical device manufacturing events. The event takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif., Feb. 6–8, and houses an array of industry suppliers showcasing their latest technologies and manufacturing advancements. Think medical

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AFC Cable Systems announces cables for healthcare applications

AFC Cable Systems, New Bedford, Mass., is offering MC Luminary HCF (UL type MC-PCS) cables for healthcare facilities. MC Luminary HCF is a new addition to AFC’s line of MC Luminary metal-clad cables, which combine electric lighting and control circuits under a single interlocked armor. With a dual grounding path that enhances safety, MC Luminary

Cicoil touting kink-resistant power cables

For power cord applications that require resistance to kinking, fatigue and fraying, Cicoil (Valencia, Calif.) offers mechanically tough, yet extremely flexible cables.  These easy to handle flat cables don’t require bulky insulating materials and fillers, which results in a more lightweight, flexible and tangle free cable design. Unlike circular power cords that tend to kink

Disposable lead wires market to reach nearly $1 billion

Use of disposable lead wires is growing globally, and sales are expected to reach $999.4 million by 2025. As reported by Grand View Research, a key factor driving growth is the rising incidence of hospital-acquired infections. North American hospitals are by far the largest sector of disposable lead wire adopters. Care centers with remote monitoring

Aved boasts 100% testing of medical cable assemblies

Aved Electronics announced Tuesday that it has introduced a new, comprehensive medical cable testing capability that provides enhanced traceability per ISO 13485 quality management for medical devices. Aved Medical Cable & Wire Harness Assembly Services utilize a broad range of automated wire processing equipment for wire from 30 Ga to 1 KC mil and virtually

Cicoil releases new “paperless” flat cable brochure

Cicoil, the leading manufacturer of high-performance flat cables and assemblies, announced the release of its new Flexible Flat Cables Capabilities brochure. Available in electronic format, the 8-page, full-color overview guide offers an extensive selection of standard cables and assemblies, custom capabilities, Cable Configurator Design Tool, key applications and technical field sales support tools. This “paperless” overview

SINBON Electronics is the first company in Asia to achieve accreditation from MedAccred

The SINBON Electronics site in Jiangyin, China has become the first in Asia to gain an accreditation from MedAccred after meeting all the requirements for cable and wire harness assemblies. During a challenging four-day audit, the SINBON team in Jiangyin were successfully able to demonstrate that their manufacturing processes are fully compliant with MedAccred’s Audit


As a polymer component system provider for the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry, RAUMEDIC will be appearing at the leading international marketplace for the medical supply industry. The company will be demonstrating its ability to implement customer ideas in products that expertly combine functionality and cost-effectiveness. This year one of the themes guiding RAUMEDIC’s presence

Fairview Microwave releases new ruggedized VNA test cables with phase stability

Fairview Microwave, a supplier of on-demand microwave and RF components, releases a new family of ruggedized VNA test cables operating up to 40 GHz. These new amplitude and phase stable ruggedized VNA test cables provide the reliable and repeatable, accurate test results that users require. Fairview’s newest lines of VNA test cables boast a maximum

Fairview Microwave introduces new family of 50 GHz and 67 GHz VNA test cables

Fairview Microwave, a supplier of on-demand microwave and RF components, introduces a new family of flexible 50 and 67 GHz VNA test cables. These highly durable assemblies are designed for use as VNA test port extenders and are able to withstand the rigors of the test lab where these cables are constantly flexed and torqued

PlasticsOne illustrates the making of a perfect cable

There are five fundamental constituents that make a cable: conductor, insulation, shield, filler and strength member. The conductor carries the power or signal to its desired location. The insulation isolates the conductor from adjacent electrical paths. The shield protects the conductor signal integrity from RFI, EMI and EMP sources. The filler is used to make

New medical tech at Medtec 2016 to present LEMO’s Redel SP connector and Northwire’s BioCompatic Cable

Custom cable assemblies for the life sciences engineered by cable manufacturer, Northwire, Inc., (NWI) and precision cable connector leader LEMO  were featured among Medtec’s most recent innovations and technology within medical device design and medical manufacturing at its April 2016 show in Europe. Addressing the highly specialized considerations necessary for connectivity within the life sciences,

What are cables and cable assemblies?

Cables are long wire strands covered by a protective shielding material (jacket) and an insulation material. Cable assemblies are a small grouping of individual cables or wires bound together to increase the wires’ efficiency, protect them from external contaminants, and help them fit more efficiently in a given application. Protective coverings for cables and cable

L-com launches USB 2.0 Micro-B and Mini-B 5 position LSZH cable assemblies

L-com Global Connectivity announced that it now offers USB 2.0 Micro-B and Mini-B 5 position LSZH cable assemblies. L-com’s LSZH USB cable assemblies are designed for use in areas where toxic smoke from standard cables could damage sensitive equipment and for use in enclosed areas where air quality is a concern. These cables are also a

Cable and harness assembly provides fully automated continuity testing

Custom wire harnesses fabricated using fully automated wire processing equipment with virtually any gauge wire and connector type are being introduced by Aved Electronics of North Billerica, Massachusetts. Aved cable and wire harness assembly services include component selection and sourcing, documentation review and development, prototyping and custom inventory management. Featuring a broad range of automated