Complex injection molding: What you need to know

With careful planning, complex injection molding can reduce costs, optimize functionality and improve aesthetics in medical devices. Ken Glassen, Kaysun Corp.  As medical device design evolves to provide ever-improving healthcare outcomes, manufacturers are partnering with full-service, experienced complex injection molders to gain the increased design freedom and process efficiencies necessary to keep pace with medical

MD&M West: Here’s what you may have missed

MD&M West is one of the largest medical device manufacturing events in the world, so it’s easy to lose your way on the show floor. Even if you were in Anaheim, Calif., for the February 2018 event, you may have missed a lot. From Omron to Micromo to MedPlast to Apex Motion Control, WTWH Media

Webinar: The most exciting medtech of 2018

Thursday, April 5, 2018 2 p.m. Eastern time / 11 a.m. Pacific time     The medtech industry has seen some new technologies and ideas that could change the way healthcare is delivered. Much of the most exciting medtech comes from unexpected sources. Ideas include e giving patients a virtual wallet to carry their own patient

Designing wearables: How to make sense of your material options

The medical device industry’s knowledge base continually evolves regarding what works — and what doesn’t — for wearable applications. Gain insight into some material selection considerations for skin-worn wearable design and development. Deepak Prakash, Vancive Medical Technologies In the dynamic wearables sector, medical device makers are searching for ways to translate their expertise into mobile,

Covestro releases new polycarbonate with resistance to solvents, cleaning agents

Covestro has released Makrolon Rx3440, a material designed to withstand solvents found in oncology treatments — as well as cleaning agents. The medical polycarbonate offers durability and chemical resistance to help prevent cracking so that healthcare professionals can more safely deliver oncology drugs to patients. Cancer treatments are hard on plastics, noted Lauren Zetts, North America

Stäubli touts new QMC system at NPE2018

Stäubli is showcasing its new injection molding workflow at NPE2018: The Plastics Show in Orlando, Fla. The company is demonstrating all of the essential process steps to achieve a fully automated injection molding machine. Stäubli’s workflow features networked industry 4.0-compatible components that allows single processes to coordinate and be optimized to make an automation solution that

Linak unveils new basic actuator system for hospital beds

Linak is touting a new OpenBus basic actuator system that the company says can be easily and cost-effectively introduced to adjustable healthcare applications including hospital beds. The solution, the company says, involves the control unit ACOM along with the control box CO41. Says Linak: “Combined with a number of linear actuators LA40 and the hand control HB70,

Portescap announces new autoclavable BLDC motor controller

Portescap (West Chester, Pa.) has introduced the CNT1530, a new autoclavable brushless DC motor controller that can drive large bone orthopedic handpiece motors. The CNT1530 is meant to provide a reliable, customizable solution to the orthopedic market. Says Portescap: “This new controller will help improve your surgical hand tool’s performance and reliability, and take your application

Nortech Systems is expanding its Mexico operations

Nortech Systems (Nasdaq: NSYS) says it has signed a lease on for a new facility to be built in Monterrey, Mexico — about 5 miles from Northech’s present location in the northeastern Mexican city. Nortech (Maple Grove, Minn.) plans to occupy the facility — which is double the size of the present location — by

Why PEEK is so hard to extrude

PEEK — a popular material for catheters and minimally invasive tubing — can trip up novices when it comes to extrusion. Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is known throughout the medical device industry for its toughness, strength and high heat thermal characteristics. It’s often used to replace metal components in medical devices; because it’s a thermoplastic it can be injection-molded

Hydrofera co-founder buys back business from Hollister

Hydrofera co-founder Tom Drury and a group of investors have bought back the Hydrofera business from Hollister. The sale closed Jan. 31, according to a news release out yesterday. Financial terms were not disclosed. The company ‘s Hydrofera Blue offerings are polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) foam products for medical applications. Drury had stayed on as Hydrofera’s COO after

How Protolabs helped with Whoop’s fitness tracker

Angelo Gentile, Protolabs Competing in a market that includes Fitbit, the Nike FuelBand, and the Apple Watch is no small task, but that’s exactly what Boston-based Whoop did two years ago, bringing to market — with manufacturing help from ProtoLabs — a wearable fitness tracker geared for high-end athletes. At the start of baseball’s 2017

Cooling particle accelerators: What you need to know

When it comes to cooling particle accelerators, advanced liquid cooling systems don’t have to extend the design cycle or the budget, according to Laird. Greg Ducharme, Laird Particle accelerators, such as linear accelerator (LINAC) and cyclotron systems, increase the kinetic energy of particles for use in a variety of applications, ranging from scientific studies on particle

Zeus to spend $75 million on South Carolina expansion

Advanced polymer extrusion, material science and tubing company Zeus plans to spend $75 million on an expansion of its Calhoun County, S.C., operations — with plans to add 350 jobs in coming years. The expansion will take place about 2 miles from Zeus’ existing Gaston, S.C. facility, the Orangeburg, S.C.–based company announced Feb. 2. When

MD&M West: 10 technologies you should know

MD&M West is one of the largest medical device manufacturing events in the world, so it’s easy to get lost on the show floor. Even if you were in Anaheim, Calif., for the event last week, you may have missed a lot. From a new robotics insights display from Rethink Robotics to a disinfectant-resistant plastic

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