Hemco touts HEPA-filtered enclosures

Hemco is touting its HEPA-filtered enclosures designed for packaging and handling powders. The enclosures are designed to isolate powder handling, sample weighing, high throughput screening and other lab automated processes. Enclosures typically feature HEPA-filtered exhaust or HEPA-filtered systems to help protect users or products depending on the process it goes through. Hemco enclosures are available

Medtech companies raised more than $738 million in Q2

Venture capital firms invested more than $738 million during the second quarter of 2018, $1 million less than the first quarter of this year, according to the MoneyTree Report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and CB Insights. There was a total of 61 deals during Q2, an increase from the 48 that the industry saw during Q1.

8 crowdfunded health devices you need to know

Companies including 3M and Aura Medical are turning to the popular websites Kickstarter and Indiegogo to get their ideas crowdfunded by people who want them to come to life. The idea behind a crowdfunding website is that if you back the project and donate a certain amount of money, you’ll get something in return, oftentimes

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China FDA accepting MDCO certificates from Hong Kong-based medical device registration applicants

By Stewart Eisenhart, Emergo Group The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has begun recognizing certain certifications issued by the Hong Kong Medical Device Control Office (MDCO) for country-of-origin requirements. Get the full story here at the Emergo Group’s blog. The opinions expressed in this blog post are the author’s only and do not necessarily

This bioprinter could screen bacterial infections in minutes

Stanford researchers are developing a bioprinter that, when paired with an advanced bacteria scanner, could speed up screening for bacteria infections. The bioprinter consists of acoustic pulses that shoot through blood samples of a patient. The pulses push individual blood droplets onto a piece of paper. Tens of millions are printed on the final print,

Instron to host biomedical open house

Instron announced that it plans to host a biomedical open house event on Sept. 20 at its Norwood, Mass. headquarters. The open house event will showcase the company’s advances in static, dynamic and impact testing for the biomedical field. It will include live demonstrations on how to improve efficiency in the lab, ways to expand

Swiss regulators to overhaul export certification system

By Stewart Eisenhart, Emergo Group Swissmedic, Switzerland’s medical device market regulator, will replace its current processes for issuing export certificates as well as manufacturing certificates with an online system in order to prevent delays and free up resources. Get the full story here at the Emergo Group’s blog. The opinions expressed in this blog post

Avantor rebrands logo and visual identity

Avantor announced that it is rebranding its logo and visual identity. The new brand identity comes after the company’s acquisition of VWR in 2017. “This marks an exciting milestone for Avantor as our integration with VWR continues,” Michael Stubblefield, CEO of Avantor, said. “We’re transforming our global visual presence to give a fresh, distinctive expression

Proposed medical device regulatory changes to Order No. 650 in China

By Teemo Chang and Stewart Eisenhart, Emergo Group The Chinese government has issued draft changes to the country’s medical device regulatory framework that would allow easier market access for foreign manufacturers. Get the full story here at the Emergo Group’s blog. The opinions expressed in this blog post are the author’s only and do not

Avinger receives FDA clearance for Pantheris altherectomy device

Avinger (Redwood City, Calif.) recently received FDA clearance for its Pantheris image guided altherectomy device that is designed to treat peripheral artery disease (PAD). Pantheris is the first medical device to be cleared for diagnostics and treatment of PAD. The device lets doctors see inside arteries to treat blockages. It features a built-in camera and

This new material could eliminate motors and actuators in robots and medical devices

Researchers at the University of Hong Kong have developed a new material that eliminates the need for motors and actuators to be used in robots, medical devices, prosthetic muscles, exoskeletons and more. The new actuating material is made from nickel hydroxide-oxyhydroxides and is powered by visible light, electricity and other stimuli. The material actuation is

How medtech can prepare for the consequences of a ‘Hard Brexit’

Ronald Boumans, Emergo Group On July 5, the Dutch Ministry of Health organized an informative meeting for the medical field about the possible impact the U.K.’s exit from the European Union (EU), Brexit, might have. This is considered a very important issue that may impact many aspects of the Dutch – and European – economy

Band-aid-like patch boosts fluorescence brightness in diagnostic tests

Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have created a high-tech metal nanostructure patch that increases fluorescence intensity by 100 times in medical diagnostic tests. Fluorescence-based biosensing and bioimaging technologies have been used to detect and image different biological species. It is convenient to use, but they have poor sensitivity. For example, the fluorescent signal

9 trends in medical device user interface design

By Valerie Ng and Jon Tilliss, Emergo Group As the influence of technology in our everyday lives continues to grow, the standard for aesthetically pleasing and contemporary user interface (UI) designs in the healthcare space continues to evolve. Get the full story here at the Emergo Group’s blog. The opinions expressed in this blog post

Key Surgical acquires Encompas Unlimited

Key Surgical recently announced that it has acquired Encompas Unlimited to expand its endoscopy product offerings. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed. This is the second acquisition that Key Surgical has completed after merging with Interlock Medizintechnik last year. Emcompas specializes in manufacturing, assembling and distribution a variety of endoscopy accessories and