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Yuanwei Yan wisconsin brain tissue 3D printing

Researchers 3D print functional brain tissue with commercial bioprinter and a creative method

An illustration of the Abbott Esprit BTK stent, made from the bioabsorable polymer PLLA.

Bioabsorbable polymers for implantable medical devices: What to know

stanford pediatric VAD.

Stanford tests pediatric heart pump that could close a big transplant gap

UCSD Brain thin fiml electrode LED monitoring activity

Microdisplay prototype monitors and visualizes real-time brain activity during surgery

Versius surgical robotics systems lined up in rows.

How medtech can lure engineering talent from Amazon and Microsoft

Capstan Medical’s cardiac surgical robotics mission: ‘Not for the faint of heart’

A close-up view of the dual nitinol baskets in the Retriever Medical ClotHound ACE Blue clot retriever catheter.

This medtech developer is throwing everything at clots

This illustration shows the catheter-delivered TriClip implantation in the tricuspid valve.

How Abbott designed TriClip to repair the ‘forgotten’ tricuspid heart valve

A photo of the Intuitive Surgical da Vinci 5 surgical robotics system.

Intuitive plans to use da Vinci 5 data to drive innovation and improve surgical outcomes