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Alan Calvert spine spinal unsplash

Irish researchers think their new material could enable better spinal cord repair

What’s so special about Apollo Endosurgery’s stomach-shrinking weight loss tech?

iCAD 3D mammography AI

How Google and iCAD will partner to advance AI mammography

Wire mesh that has captured a blood clot

New results detail J&J Embotrap design’s first-pass performance in stroke patients

Coiled nitinol springs coated with an elastomer

A new mechanically active adhesive fights muscle atrophy

The 2022 Medical Design & Outsourcing Medical Device Handbook edition cover

November 2022 Issue: 2022 Medical Device Handbook

Spark Biomedical Sparrow Therapy System AcuityMD

Could minimally invasive neuromod tackle the opioid epidemic?

Marketing images of Osso VR Phonak Audéo Fit Molli Surgical breast cancer localization system and Esper Bionics Esper Hand which were medical device innovations making it into Time magazin Best Inventions of 2022

These 14 medical device inventions are the best, Time magazine says

A sphere-shaped, expandable lattice device with electrodes for cardiac ablation

Why Affera’s cardiac ablation technology is worth $1B to Medtronic