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A portrait of Dr. Philip Adamson

COVID-19’s mechanisms are becoming clearer, Abbott’s heart failure CMO says

Jiang vortex ultrasound blood clot

New ‘ultrasound tornado’ device breaks down blood clots

Stratasys marketing image showing 3D-printed dentures printed with the new TrueDent resin

Stratasys has its first FDA-cleared medical device

3M provided Shutterstock stock art with a wearable medical device or sensor stuck to a man's arm as part of their announcement of a new medical adhesive that sticks for up to 28 days

3M has a new medical adhesive that lasts for up to 28 days

UCSD injectable biomaterial tissue healing

UCSD researchers develop injectable biomaterial for tissue healing

Phillips-Medisize Injection Pen (1)

Phillips-Medisize unveils new disposable injector pen

UCSD Sheng Xu wearable cardiac ultrasound sensor technology

UCSD researchers develop wearable ultrasound device

University of Illinois Microbattery microbatteries microrobot research

Researchers create ‘unparalleled’ high-voltage microbattery

Stryker's Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery system has a movable robotic arm atop a rolling chassis

Stryker on steroids: How enabling technology will supercharge surgical robotics