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The Synchron Stentrode brain implant

Synchron’s plan to beat Neuralink in the neuroprosthetic BCI race

An illustration of the LimFlow System for Transcatheter Arterialization of Deep Veins, specifically the crossing stent that routes blood from the artery to the vein.

How LimFlow’s foot-saving system prevents amputations in patients with no other options

A photo of an endoscopic robot's curved arms with instruments at the end.

Two-armed surgical robot prototype targets pediatric brain tumors

A portrait of Greenberg Traurig shareholder Ginger Pigott.

Four steps medtech startups can’t put off

A portrait of Biosense Webster U.S. President Nikki Sidi.

How Biosense Webster aims to expand access to AFib care

A photo of a Chinese manufacturing facility.

How exposed are Medtronic, Intuitive and other Medtech Big 100 device makers to China?

A photo of surgical mesh/

These devices are the top targets of lawsuit-related advertisements

Johnson & Johnson drops 136-year old logo and renames Janssen

A photo of nitinol medical devices.

FTC concludes antitrust investigation of $900M SAES-Resonetics nitinol deal