Qosina launches new Tyvek sterilization supplies

Qosina has launched a new line of Tyvek sterilization supplies for medical device components and biopharmaceutical equipment. The new Tyvek sterilization supplies have 54 options to choose from including a large assortment of pouches, sheets and tubes. They also come in a number of sizes and styles. Tyvek sterilization supplies are lightweight and durable and

Traco Power launches TPP 450A power supply series

Traco Power has launched its new TPP 450A power supplies series. The TPP 450A series features an open-frame, 3-by-5 in. package that has 91-94%. The power supplies have a full load operation from -40ºC to 50ºC including airflow. It has a leading conduction cooled rating with up to 320W at 50ºC. Traco Power’s new series

Hemco touts HEPA-filtered enclosures

Hemco is touting its HEPA-filtered enclosures designed for packaging and handling powders. The enclosures are designed to isolate powder handling, sample weighing, high throughput screening and other lab automated processes. Enclosures typically feature HEPA-filtered exhaust or HEPA-filtered systems to help protect users or products depending on the process it goes through. Hemco enclosures are available

Qosina launches closed male luer lock valves

Qosina recently announced that it has added four new closed male luer lock valve connectors to its line of luer-activated valves. The male valves are normally closed and connect directly to female luer lock or luer-activated valve. They disconnect by twisting counter-clockwise. Qosina’s new valve connectors are DEHP-free and can completely close when disconnected to

Data Sciences International launches inhalation exposure system

Data Sciences International, a subsidiary of Harvard Bioscience, recently launched a new inhalation and exposure system called the DSI Buxco Inhalation Exposure System. The new inhalation exposure system is designed for ease-of-use for researchers while also giving them flexibility. It features remote sensors and hardware control system that are linked by a microprocessor-based feedback loop.

Flexcon sees opportunities in the wearables market: Here’s how

Wearable medical device makers need adhesives that keep a wearable stuck to the user without damaging their skin. Officials at Flexcon (Spencer, Mass.) see opportunity. “Flexcon as a company has been focused on the graphics and labels business for 60 years. Now we see a core capability that we have in coating adhesives on films that

Mean Well expands high-performance medical power supply line

Mean Well recently announced that it has extended its MSP line up to 1000 W with its MSP-1000 series. The MSP-1000 series shares the same mechanism of Mean Well’s MSP-600 series, according to the Fremont, Calif.–based company. The shared mechanism means that customers are able to replace a 600 W power supply with a 1000 W

Traco Power announces 3.5 W medical dc-dc converters

Traco Power recently announced the release of their TIM 3.5 and TIM 3.5SM families of medical 3.5 W DC/DC converters  — in compact DIP 16 or SMD 16 package that measures only 0.95 x 0.57 x 0.40 in. The new converters are ideal for healthcare products where small size is required and parts are applied

OmniVision touts high definition endoscopic imaging solutions

OmniVision Technologies is touting some of its latest in endoscopic imaging solutions, including a high definition medical image sensor for endoscopic catheters, an image signal processor, a medical CMOS camera platform for disposable in-office endoscopy and a commercial endoscopic surgery tool prototype with an integrated camera. The imaging solutions are on display at this year’s

3M sticks it to non-sticky medical tape

3M has introduced a non-woven, elastic blend tape that may offer medical device wearers some relief from annoying problems, including wearables losing stickiness and skin irritation. The company says the single-coated tape, called 3M 4077, is water resistant, offers improved stretchiness and air penetration, and can be worn for up to 14 days. It combines adhesive with a

Krohne launches electromagnetic flowmeter with biocompatible disposable flow tube

Krohne (Beverly, Mass.) recently announced that it has launched its FlexMag 4050 C electromagnetic flowmeter with a biocompatible disposable flow tube. The flowmeter is designed for single-use biopharmaceutical applications like the filtration processes, chromatography or buffer and media preparation. The FlexMag 4050 C features high accuracy and factory calibration that eliminates the need for in-situ calibration.

Cadence expands PEEK machining and molding capabilities

Cadence (Staunton, Va.) recently finished the expansion of its PEEK machining and molding capabilities to keep up with the rise in use of implantable medical devices. The company’s PEEK cell allows it to offer machined prototypes and low volume production parks for new designs and molded components for high volume production. The parts manufactured by Cadence

Hemco launches new Modular Clean Labs

Hemco recently announced that it has launched its Modular Clean Labs. The Modular Clean Labs are designed as a modular construction design that is cost-effective and time efficient when compared to other traditional constructions. The lab workspace is pre-engineered, which includes the structure and lab furniture/fume hoods that are on the interior. The wall panels

Igus unveils new material for clip and flanged bearings

Igus (Cologne, Germany) today announced a new tribo-plastic material for clip and flanged bearings. The wear-resistant material, dubbed iglidur K230,  is highly elastic, chemical resistant and withstands moisture, according to Igus. Clip and flanged bearings are commonly used in the sheet metal industry because of their ease of installation and design, especially in sheet metal feedthroughs. The bearing

Synopsys hosts technical webinar series

Synopsys recently announced that it has launched its 15-minute Technical Webinars to showcase some of the important new features and performance improvements in its Simpleware software version N-2018.03. Simpleware is a 3D imaging software for medical imaging applications. It offers improvements to 3D image visualization, processing and segmentation. The update featured improvements to data analysis