Wading into parallel reviews as a reimbursement strategy


The process of gaining reimbursement is one of the most expensive and perilous activities a medical technology company will undergo. Some are exploring how (and whether) a strategy that encourages working with both FDA and CMS at the same time can help cut down the resource costs associated with reimbursement.

Seth Goldenberg, director of product development strategy for NAMSA, gives advice on how parallel reviews fit in an overall reimbursement strategy, and offers some alternatives for medtech companies that might not be ready for a national decision. We dig into some success stories, some pitfalls, the wild west of local payor networking, and discuss how it all fits in the overarching value-based strategies being embraced by medtech today.

NOTE: Seth Goldenberg is a speaker for our upcoming DeviceTalks, Minnesota. Join us in June to further the discussion.

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