Gardner Denver touts Thomas miniature diaphragm pumps for medical device uses


Thomas Gardner Denver pumps medtechGardner Denver’s Thomas brand of diaphragm liquid and gas pumps are available in miniature form for use in sterilizers, anesthesia monitoring, dialysis, gas detection, inkjet printing and industrial washing.

Gardner Denver (Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany; with Thomas offices in Sheboygan, Wis.) boasts that the Thomas pumps are compact and lightweight, chemically resistant, designed for use with liquids and gases, and self-priming and energy-efficient. They also produce almost no sound or vibration.

Pump models offerings include:

  • The miniature diaphragm pump 1014 is small, manageable and reliable, and is used in devices such as hand-held gas detectors, with a diverse range of uses in leak detection and in-room monitoring.
  • Pumps in the 1410/1420 range have a small size and low sound levels, as well as low power consumption. They’re particularly used for gas analysis and in monitoring systems.
  • Vacuum pump 1610 has considerable evacuation power (nearly a third quicker than conventional pumps), and can be used for monitoring flue gases (e.g. oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and others).
  • Pumps from the 8221 series are powerful yet quiet, with very low vibration levels. They can be used in autoclaves, analysis devices and suction equipment.
  • Liquid pumps such as the 6311 and the 6410/6420 will be available soon. They’re suitable for use in medical analysis devices as well as in industrial inkjet printers. The advantages of these pumps include low sound levels and an even volume flow.


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