March 2017 issue: Failure to Thrive: Lessons Learned from Medical Device Innovations + More

In this issue: 14 Medtech needs clinical registries for pre- and post-market data 22 Gaining a competitive edge with digital manufacturing 30 Reducing production waste with laser profiling 34 Five things you need to know about micromanufacturing   Want a word to sum up 2017? Try ‘uncertainty’   It’s March 1 as I write, and

January 2017 issue: Leadership in medical technology + more

2017: A year of continued change This year was slated to be one of profound change even before it began. The surprise election of Donald Trump is the most obvious example, but 2016 saw its fair share of churn in the C suite. Here are just a few examples: AngioDynamics and Joe DeVivo parted ways

Medical Design and Outsourcing Digital Edition 2016 Medical Device Handbook

A major step toward 3D-printed organs There’s been a lot of hype around the promise of using three-dimensional printing to create human organs for implantation, but mimicking the complex functions of the human body is just as hard as it sounds. Researchers at Harvard University recently made a major advance in the field. Just last

Big 100 2016: A look at the World’s 100 largest Medtech companies.

It’s September, and here at Medical Design & Outsourcing that means it’s time for the Big 100, our annual look at the largest players in the medical technology world. Actually, around here Big 100 time started months ago, when we began scouring regulatory filings and annual reports. Here you’ll find the result, information on the

July 2016 issue: Testing for human factors + more

In this issue: 38 FDA: Conduct human factors studies, or else 48 The hidden costs of multiple-vendor contract manufacturing 52 Five tips to surviving supplier consolidation 62 Molding manufacturers: Standing out in a crowd   7 things CMOs don’t want you to know By Brad Perriello We asked contract manufacturers to let us in on

May 2016 issue: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Starting a Medical Device Company + more

In this issue: 43 Understanding nitinol implant design and manufacturing 48 Microneedle technology and transdermal drug delivery 54 Advances in lower limb prosthetics   Conquering the complex implant supply chain By Heather Thompson The supply chain for medical devices, particularly implantables, is very complex. Although a distributor often manages the inventory, manufacturers hold it in

March 2016 issue: Trends in Medical Technology + more

In this issue: 31 Trends in medical technology 21 Reducing the impact of hospital-acquired infections with UV disinfection 27 Engineering the evolution of wound care 60 Proportional valves, gas pumps, stethoscopes   Improvements at the FDA: The regulatory trend no one is talking about By Brad Perriello As we readied our first issue covering the

2016 January Digital Edition Medical Design and Outsourcing

In this issue of Medical Design and Outsourcing Leadership in Medical Technology Issue 1 in 7 – Women in Medtech. Women account for about 78% of the workforce in healthcare but are only 1 in 7 of the industry’s executive officers. Printing prosthetics and guiding a surgeon’s knife 3D printers have found homes in hospitals

Medical Design and Outsourcing Digital Edition 2015 Medical Device Handbook

Welcome to the first edition of Medical Design & Outsourcing’s annual medical device compendium. The medical device category covers a wide range of products, from 3D printing to design services, such as product development. Add in the myriad components and materials used to make each device, and you’re looking at thousands of different products used

The Year Medtech M&A Exploded – Medtech’s Largest 100 Players

Welcome back to the Big 100, our annual look at the largest players in medical devices. Once again we’ve scoured the financial filings and annual reports of hundreds of companies dating back to the start of 2014. Go direct to the Big 100 data List>> The medtech landscape has changed significantly in the two years

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Materials that are changing medicine.