Spectrum Plastics announced fundamental business platforms


Spectrum Plastics GroupSpectrum Plastics Group today announced three fundamental medical business platforms as it seeks to better explain the breadth of services the new company can provide the medical device industry.

Spectrum (Alpharetta, Ga.) is just six months old – formed from the merger of Pexco and PPC Industries.

“From component manufacturing to packaging and finished device assembly, we offer the ‘one stop shop’ solution the industry desires, with the experience and expertise required for dependable, repeatable and efficient products and processes,” Mauricio Arellano, president of the Medical Division of Spectrum Plastics Group, said in a news release.

The company’s three medical business platforms are legacy, specialty, and finishing services:

  • The legacy platform includes the tubing, components and packaging capabilities inherited from PPC Industries (primarily Kelpac Medical) and Pexco, which Spectrum touts as one of the largest medical tubing extrusion operations in the world;
  • The specialty platform involves Spectrum’s advanced manufacturing capabilities, which include its Minneapolis area medical implantable and performance plastics injection molding operation and the Apollo Medical Extrusion Technologies group;
  • Finishing services include contract manufacturing and original design and manufacture operations, highlighted by the Xeridiem service brand.

“Our finishing and value-add capabilities expand upon the legacy and specialty operating platforms of our medical business. Spectrum Plastics Group is a leader in extruded medical tubing and packaging, and our specialty sector for advanced manufacturing capabilities, notably minimally invasive and implantable products and devices” Arellano said. “We truly do offer a full spectrum of services for our customers that have embraced us as a united brand.”

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