Crescent touts video on secondary services

Crescent Industries has a new video out touting its contract assembly and packaging services. Crescent offers a wide range of contract assembly and packaging services. For Crescent, assembly – the process of making various plastic components into subassemblies or complete assemblies – includes: Build custom fixtures to aid in the assembly process Simple to complex assembly operations Some

Bionet America introduces new and improved Cardio7 (ECG)

Bionet America, announces the launch of the new and improved Cardio7 (ECG), their latest addition to their ECG line. The Cardio7 is a reliable, interpretive, resting ECG. It features a large 7 in. TFT LCD touch screen with WiFi. It supports USB flash drive, a QWERTY keyboard, JPEG/PDF file format, one channel long-term recording and

Mindray introduces specialized transducer and enhanced iNeedle on TE7 Touch Enabled Ultrasound System for anesthesia applications

In conjunction with the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) meeting in Chicago opening, Mindray announces the introduction of its new L20-5s ultra-high frequency linear transducer with enhanced iNeedle visualization technology. The TE7 Touch Enabled Ultrasound System, designed specifically for the demanding point-of-care (POC) imaging environment, offers intuitive tablet-like operation, superior image quality with one-touch image

Linde Healthcare introduces next generation therapeutic oxygen cylinder

Linde Healthcare has introduced a unique therapeutic oxygen cylinder to the U.S. healthcare market that enhances patient safety while providing a higher efficiency and cost effective oxygen delivery system than other systems in the market today. “The LIV IQ package is a completely new generation of oxygen cylinder,” said Jake Masters, product management specialist for

New high speed motor for medical devices and equipment from Allied Motion

Allied Motion announces the availability of a new high speed brushless motor engineered specifically for the rigors of medical ventilator duty. The new 28 mm, 24 V ResMax 28 brushless motor is engineered to achieve high speed (up to 90,000 RPM) with great dynamic responsiveness (0 to 50,000 rpm in only 20 ms, unloaded), exceptional

INFORS HT launches new high-performing bench-top bioreactor

Minifors 2 continues a proven idea—a compact bioreactor system, which is almost as easy to operate as an incubation shaker—without compromising the ability to add equipment needed for today’s bioprocesses. “With the Minifors 2, both beginners and experienced users get a complete package for the cultivation of microorganisms which allows them to perform their bioprocesses

DT Research presents All-in-One Medical-Cart Computers

DT Research, a designer and manufacturer of purpose-built computing solutions for vertical markets, announced the DT590 series of All-in-One Medical-Cart Computers, integrating small and inexpensive hot-swappable batteries to facilitate mobility for healthcare applications. The unique design of the DT Research Medical-Cart Computers addresses long-standing challenges with Computers on Wheels (COWs) and workstations on wheels by

What’d you say? Pressure relief valve improves removal of patient earwax

A custom manufactured pressure-relief valve has improved the operation of an earwax removal device. The valve Model 130 with 3/8-in OD from Smart Products is customized with a plastic body, special O-ring material, and precise opening psi. The customized components ensure the valve works precisely within the Earigator. Pressure control is critical so the Model

Motors make spectrophotometer foolproof

Mike LeBlanc / Applications Engineer / MICROMO Scientists working in genomics and proteomics need results at the touch of a button, so they can set about their real work: drug discovery, advanced diagnostics and understanding the stuff of life. When DeNovix set out to develop a spectrophotometer for life science analysis, they focused on designing

Validating sterilization processes by ethylene oxide

Paul Dvorak | Founding Editor | Medical Design & Outsourcing The FDA’s expectation is that validating a sterilization process follows the traditional validation and verification model, commonly referred to as “V&V.” An installation qualification verifies that the sterilization equipment has been installed to manufacturer’s specification, while the operational qualification verifies that the machinery is working as intended.

Securing mobile medical equipment with electronic access

Steve Spatig / General Manager of Electronic Access Solutions / Southco In modern medical practice, efficiency is key. Newer technologies allow for the mobility of medical equipment, letting personnel bring medical supplies and machines closer to patients, whether they are in the emergency room or an emergency vehicle. But with this improved accessibility, how can

Positioning peristaltic rollers allows more precise dispensing

David Bach / BST-Bach Solutions & Technology, LLC Accurate dispensing affects a great deal of drug development and delivery. For instance, leading-edge pharmaceuticals, bio-tech “designer molecules” and high-potency compounds are tremendously expensive and come with difficult safety concerns that require accurate dispensing and aspirations. Many of these compounds are composed of proteins or synthetic molecular chains

“Plug and spin” brushless DC motors in just a few seconds with STMicroelectronics’ new nucleo pack

STMicroelectronics introduces a $35 starter kit plus a new free software algorithm to help engineers and hobbyists implement efficient vector control in a short time for motor-driven projects such as drones, appliances, E-bikes, home-automation, healthcare and industrial machinery. The P-NUCLEO-IHM001 Motor-Control Nucleo Pack in combination with new software elements from the STM32 Motor Control Ecosystem

AirClean Systems presents its new horizontal clean benches

AirClean Systems’s horizontal clean benches combine Class 100 (ISO 5) process protection with rugged, easy-to-clean polypropylene construction and microprocessor-based controls. Horizontal laminar flow clean benches from AirClean Systems are the ideal solution for Class 100 (ISO 5) applications where process protection is needed. Constructed from all white seamless polypropylene, these workstations are easy to clean

Vesatek awarded third and fourth patents for guidewire controller device, FireBow

Vesatek has been recently awarded its third and fourth patents–US 9,119,941 & US 9,119,942–to solidify its innovation platform base in the guidewire controller and torque assist market. New claim additions will allow Vesatek to protect its current novel mechanical device offering, while expanding coverage to alternate embodiments, such as purely manual actuated devices. Vesatek’s broadening