These speedy BD robot arms store and retrieve medications in seconds

It’s not difficult to see hospitals and pharmacies challenged by dispensing thousands of drugs with speed and accuracy. As the number of drugs rises, so do security issues. To address both, the Rowa Division of BD in Germany has introduced two machines. The Rowa Vmax provides for the automatic storage and retrieval of boxed pharmaceuticals

Clever catheter lets surgeons see inside arteries to trim plaque

The Pantheris catheter developed by Avinger takes the physician out of the radiation field. A clever catheter design lets cardiologists see inside arteries and precisely remove plaque from diseased tissue. The Pantheris catheter is safer than conventional radiation-guided procedures because it takes the surgeon out of the radiation field, and along with on-board optics, it

How dry ice can assist medical device manufacturers

Cleaning molds and deburring parts with a jet of dry ice lets manufacturers toss a range of harsh chemical sprays – and completely clean tools in much less time than previously needed. Steve Wilson, Cold Jet  Dry ice is almost magical. Now you see it, now you don’t because it sublimates – turns from a solid

Micro-manufacturing: 5 things you need to know

The health outcomes that minimally invasive surgical devices provide – shorter hospital stays and recovery periods – are as remarkable as the micro-manufacturing methods that produced the devices. Micro-manufacturing involves more than making conventional tooling smaller. Micro-extrusions and micro-molding also involve ultra-fine wires and electronic components. Helmbrechts, Germany-based Raumedic, which has its U.S. headquarters in

Helix Linear Technologies announces David R. Arguin as president

Helix Linear Technologies, a player in linear motion and factory automation industries, is pleased to announce that David R. Arguin has earned the promotion to president and member of the company’s executive team, reporting to CEO Christopher Nook. Arguin will have oversight of the strategic direction, expansion, and operation of the company. Arguin has helped

SmartLab System measures respiratory signals, outputs up to 8 graphs

The SmartLab Instrumentation System is a flexible measurement device for monitoring respiratory signals. This modular system, from Hans Rudolph, includes Insight software and is configurable for a variety of measurements. The base module consists of a main system circuit board that accepts up to four sensor modules. It also has an input for a Nonin

Human-Like Robots Becoming Reality Thanks To Simulation Software

MSC Adams simulation software helped researchers at Japan’s Kyusyu Sangyo University design robots that move like people, providing a new tool for testing medical technologies.  MSC Software One of the most prominent areas of focus in the robotics industry today is the design of more human-like robots. Giving human features to robots offers tremendous advantages

Proxi-Module platform provides wireless power, up to 100W

PowerbyProxi, developer of the world’s safest and most advanced wireless power solutions, has created the world’s first modular wireless power system – set to be unveiled at SPS Drives this week (of Nov 22) in Nuremburg, Germany. The Proxi-Module platform is the first of its kind – a modular and configurable system enabling customers to adapt and integrate

Designing smaller, lighter medical devices with miniaturized pumps and valves

Sam Ruback, Product Manager, Parker Hannifin Corporation A recent generation of miniaturized pumps and valves is making it easier for design teams to shrink the size of some medical devices. No surprise, making best use of them requires a few engineering tradeoffs to make best use of smaller components. In a nutshell, the engineering challenges

Look Mom, no hands. Smart Products check valve in nipple lets babies drink fluids, not air

To prevent air ingestion and colic in babies, designers at Savi Baby selected the Model #120 check valve from Smart Products for a hands-free baby bottle, the Pacifeeder. The convenient (for parents) bottle feeding option features a system that adjusts fluid flow based on the baby’s needs and prevents the nipple from leaking. The adapter

A foolproof formula for customizing connectors

Four steps help design a better-than-standard fluid coupling. Tyler Grubb, Design engineer, Medical Business Unit, CPC Connectors – seemingly small components – have a significant impact on medical device design, function and user satisfaction. The wide capabilities of today’s couplings make devices easier and safer to operate. For instance, they can stop flow when lines

A few ideas for improving supply chains

Randy Ahlm, CEO, NPI/Medical Improving profits is every company’s goal while reducing costs is every company’s challenge. The improving profits part is almost easier: Introduce new products and expand operations into global markets. The drawback is that newer and longer supply chains produce upward cost pressures. Recent supply chain improvements can provide relief from the

FluoroBond-PT ultracleans stainless steel wire, cures PTFE flaking

Less than two years ago, the FDA decided that perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) was a carcinogen and must be removed from the widely used polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coatings. The coating provides a slippery surface for stainless-steel wires used to place stents, balloons and other devices in vascular treatments. PFOA is one of the surfactants historically used in

Global dental equipment market up to $7.52 billion by 2021

Adrian LaTrace, CEO, Boyd Industries According to a recent report from RnR Market Research, the global market for dental equipment will grow at a cumulative aggregate growth of 4.9% over the next five years, reaching $7.52 billion per year by 2021. The report attributes this booming growth to a rapidly increasing population of older adults,

Component quality begins with design

Fran DeGrazio, Vice President of Scientific Affairs & Technical Services, West Pharmaceutical Services Nearly every aspect of the pharmaceutical industry – from drug discovery to regulatory guidance, and trial design to drug delivery – is focused on developing patient-centric approaches to treatment. An example can be seen in the wide use of cutting-edge biologic therapies