This wireless system powers devices inside the body

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers and Brigham and Women’s Hospital scientists have developed a wireless, ingestible system that can power and communicate with devices that are implanted deep within the body. The researchers suggest that the system could be used to deliver drugs, monitor conditions inside the body or treat diseases by stimulating the brain

Data Sciences International launches inhalation exposure system

Data Sciences International, a subsidiary of Harvard Bioscience, recently launched a new inhalation and exposure system called the DSI Buxco Inhalation Exposure System. The new inhalation exposure system is designed for ease-of-use for researchers while also giving them flexibility. It features remote sensors and hardware control system that are linked by a microprocessor-based feedback loop.

Sanford Health and Freudenberg Medical partner on infusion systems

Sanford Health (Sioux Falls, S.D.) and Freudenberg Medical (Carpinteria, Calif.) announced that they have entered a joint research and development agreement to develop infusion systems to treat blood clots and blockages in blood vessels. A catheter used in the infusion systems was designed by vascular surgeon Dr. Patrick Kelly at Sanford Health Innovations, a part of

Noble aims to put patients at ease with auto-injector training devices

In the early days of auto-injectors, people learned how to use their devices by practicing with the skin of an orange, according to Noble‘s research manager, Joe Reynolds. “The rationale was ‘Well, let’s teach patients how to penetrate a skin-like membrane into a soft tissue to replicate what the human body would be like,’” he […]

Beta Bionics taps Senseonics’ implantable glucose monitor for artificial pancreas

Senseonics‘ (NYSE:SENS) said today that it inked a deal to integrate glucose data from its Eversense continuous glucose monitoring system into Beta Bionics‘ investigational iLet bionic pancreas. According to the terms of the development agreement, Beta Bionics and Senseonics will work together to combine the two systems in the hopes of driving insulin and glucagon dosing […]

Medtech veteran Mir Imran wants to replace injections with the ‘robotic pill’

Companies have tried for decades to deliver protein-based drugs orally. Can Mir Imran and his company’s robotic pill succeed where so many have failed? Mir Imran has been building medical device companies for 40 years. Perhaps known best for his work on the first FDA-approved implantable cardioverter defibrillator, Imran’s model is to identify big, unsolved

Common Sensing, Flex partner to redesign digital insulin pen sensor

Common Sensing said today that it has enlisted design company Flex to help redesign its Gocap insulin pen device. Flex is tasked with finding materials to help extend the product’s battery life, as well as boost measurement accuracy and prepare for high volume manufacturing. Get the full story at our sister site, Drug Delivery Business News.

MIT researchers send drug-ferrying nanoparticles across the blood-brain barrier

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology demonstrated in an animal study that nanoparticles shuttling two different cancer drugs could effectively cross the blood-brain barrier and target tumor cells. The team of scientists evaluated the drug combination in mice that had gliobastoma – an aggressive form of brain cancer that is notoriously hard to treat. […]

Gates Foundation looks to develop simple, single-use injection device for global use

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation this week announced it is taking requests for proposals to develop a dual-chamber, prefilled, single-dose injection device for use in remote in-home settings by low skilled healthcare workers and through self-administration. The injection device will be used for the administration of the measles-rubella vaccine in house-to-house campaigns, and for […]

How Bigfoot Biomedical’s CEO wants to boost diabetes management

Jeffrey Brewer faced the biggest challenge of his life when his 7-year-old son Sean received a diabetes diagnosis in 2002: Diabetes became the new focus for Brewer’s energy. In his role as CEO at JDRF (formerly the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) between 2011 and 2014, Brewer forged financial partnerships with industry to drive the development

Drug delivery needs better human factors

Adopting neuroscience-based human factors methods could yield better outcomes for patients, improved communication design and engineering teams, and maybe even help companies build IP. The methods behind assessing human factors in medtech are outdated—and they’re due for an upgrade, said Charles Mauro CHFP, of Mauro Usability Science. “The type of research employed to determine if

Will medtech drive the next Southeastern U.S. industrial revolution?

One South Carolina startup relies on the Southeastern U.S. history of engineering innovation, new infrastructure and quality of life to drive drug delivery innovation through nanoparticles. Paul Snyder, Write2Market Once home to a thriving textile industry replete with chemical and mechanical engineers working to improve the soil and machinery converting raw cotton into commercial goods,

The 10 hottest medtech startups of 2018

There’s a complaint sometimes that innovation is too incremental in the medical device industry. But don’t tell that to the people running the 10 companies included in Medical Design & Outsourcing and MassDevice’s list of the hottest medtech startups of 2018. Our editors came up with a list of 20 interesting young companies. We then

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Polyplastics copolymer used in Tandem wearable insulin pumps

Polyplastics‘s Topas 8007S-0$ cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) is now being used in Tandem Diabetes Care‘s insulin delivery pumps. The Tandem t:slim X2 Insulin Pump is one of the smallest pumps on the market. It is a continuous glucose monitor-enabled pump that lets users make decisions about their treatment without having to prick their finger to

Bigfoot brings Series B total to $55m with new investment from Abbott

Reeling in an $18 million add-on to the $37 million Series B that it reported last year, Bigfoot Biomedical touted today that it has raised over $90 million in total funding since the Milpitas, Calif.-based company first launched. Investments from Abbott (NYSE:ABT), which has an established partnership with Bigfoot, and other new and existing investors, brought the […]