Grayhill launches Touch Encoder Development Kit

Grayhill recently launched its Touch Encoder Development Kit that gives product development engineers simplified designs for medical applications. The new development kit features tap, swipe and turn functions that gives designers the opportunity to replace traditional user-input devices. Using a tablet development app, product development engineers can personalize multi-touch gestures, create images and customize the

Smartphone-based device could detect retinopathy at home

University of California at Berkeley researchers have developed a smartphone-based device that examines the retina and acts as a user-friendly version of the optometrist’s ophthalmoscope. Daniel Fletcher and his students developed the handheld ophthalmoscope by pairing the imaging capabilities of a smartphone with software that is designed to examine the retina. “The advanced technology built

9 exhibitors at DeviceTalks Minnesota you should know

DeviceTalks Minnesota is an annual event that allows some of the best minds in medtech to exchange ideas, insights and technologies. Medical Design & Outsourcing’s parent company WTWH Media holds DeviceTalks annually in Boston, Orange County, Calif., and the Twin Cities in Minnesota. It is hosted by MassDevice and attendees can plan to enjoy networking with people

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Zeiss touts new enhanced software technology

Zeiss recently launched its new software modules with enhanced imaging technology. The technology, known as Zeiss Zen Connect, is designed for structural analysis, examination of cellular processes, localization of cells and more. Zeiss Zen software takes into account the functions of day-to-day work with microscopes and stands. The company says it enhances research with its

Greenlight Guru’s newest software version enhances QMS, complex design tracking

Greenlight Guru — which offers cloud-based quality management software specifically for medical device companies — recently announced Multi-Level Design Control, the latest version of its purpose-built medical device design traceability software. The new platform improves on Indianapolis-based Greenlight Guru’s previous offering that moved design controls off the paper and into the cloud, said Greenlight Guru co-founder

Synopsys releases new Simpleware version

Synopsys (Mountain View, Calif.) recently announced version N-2018.03 of its Simpleware 3D data visualization software, which is used in both life science and advanced materials and manufacturing applications. Improvements in the new version of Simpleware, announced in March, include: There’s automatic import and alignment of datasets. For example, there’s co-registration of MRI and CT scans

How video games could take market share from big pharma

Tracy MacNeal, Ximedica At the Biotech Showcase in January, a panel discussed how video games are replacing drug therapies in a variety of diseases. If you haven’t seen the latest technology in this space, companies like Akili are providing drug-alternative therapies to kids with ADHD and Pear Therapeutics’ software is aimed at helping people with addiction. Technologists have reached incredible heights in getting people to

Icon and Intel forge partnership for pharmaceutical analytics platform for clinical trials

Icon and Intel have struck an deal that allows Icon to offer the Intel Pharma Analytics Platform in clinical trials. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed. The Intel platform is an edge-to-cloud artificial intelligence platform that allows clinical data to be remotely monitored while it continuously captures data for study participants who

How augmented reality and virtual reality devices are boosting medicine

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) devices have immense disruptive potential, with the capacity to change how the healthcare industry delivers patient care and provider training. These technologies are helping to take medicine outside clinical spaces and will present a wide range of opportunities for innovators as professionals continue to adapt. Tim Jennings,  Custom

Medtech’s top leaders commit to interoperability – but can the data back it up?

Integrating data into the care process holds a great deal of promise for the healthcare industry. But medical device industry leaders agree that there are system complexities that need to be solved — with lack of good data a critical issue. That was a major takeaway from a Healthcare Technology Leadership Panel at the 6th Annual

Webinar: How Boston Scientific selected its PLM medical device software solution

This webinar was presented live on Thursday, May 3, 2018. Click below to watch on demand.     As a global medical device manufacturer, Boston Scientific must balance quality, innovation, compliance, and profitability. This panel discussion provides insight into how Boston Scientific supports those needs. Listen to Tina Kunshier, Boston Scientific and Michelle Boucher, VP

ResMed is disrupting connected health: Here’s how

Here’s how a respiratory firm took control of the connected health and the medtech digital revolution. When you think powerful digital connected devices, the first thing to pop into your head probably isn’t a CPAP. Continuous positive airway pressure has been shown in numerous studies to be effective in improving sleep apnea and preventing a

Allina Health and Zipnosis partner to expand online care platform

Minneapolis-based Allina Health and Zipnosis have recently partnered to update Allina Health’s online diagnosis and treatment service. Allina Health — a major Twin Cities health system — recently launched its Everyday Online platform that is powered by virtual care company Zipnosis. Allina Health Everyday Online is designed to bring convenient access to patients through Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

7 digital health startups you need to watch in 2018

If you want to see where the big money is going in healthcare these days, digital health products are the place to look. Digital health startups raised $11.5 billion in 2017, up 27 percent over 2016, according to the StartUp Health Insights Year End Report. Digital health startups are doing everything from enhancing patient-provider relationships to

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Genae acquires Hilbert Paradox

Medical device contract research provider Genae (Antwerp, Belgium) recently acquired the digital health data management platform Hilbert Paradox. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed. Hilbert Paradox (HPX) captures and correlates digital health data by using different computing power, AI and data analytics. The company’s goal is to increase health data equity to improve