Risk management for cloud-powered medtech: What you need to know

Cloud-enhanced medical devices are on the rise. There are some incredible benefits to the trend, as well as some increases in risk. Medtech developers should take note of the risks to properly develop a risk management strategy.  Michael Ford, Pro Back Office As we kickstart 2018, there are increasing concerns and risk challenges for the

Mayo Clinic and Orbita forge partnership to expand health and wellness content reach

Mayo Clinic and Orbita recently announced that they have collaborated to deliver Mayo Clinic’s health and wellness content through digital voice assistants — with the goal of improving patient education, engagement and quality of care. Orbita’s digital experience management services include voice and conversational artificial intelligence technologies that work with chatbots, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and more. Mayo Clinic,

Harmonus receives FDA clearance for ProBx software

Harmonus (Boston) announced that it has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its ProBx software for MRI-guided prostate interventions. The software is a solution to a problem of suboptimal prostate cancer diagnoses and provides doctors and patients with better options to diagnose and treat prostate cancer. ProBx software precisely and efficiently targets and confirms suspicious lesions, unlike

Hologic partners with University of Minnesota on athletic performance software

Hologic (Marlborough, Mass.) has signed an exclusive agreement with the University of Minnesota to be the distributor of the university-developed Dexalytics: Teams athletic performance software in North America. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Hologic’s Horizon dual X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) system already provides precise body composition assessment. What the cloud-based Dexalytics software is

Medtech’s existential crisis and how it can survive

Executives in medtech and other life sciences companies view digital health startups and high tech giants as an existential threat. To compete, they’re going to have to invest in or acquire customer engagement and personalization skills usually associated with online retailers and social networking sites, according to a new report out today from EY. The

Flex partners with Google Cloud on expanded digital health capabilities

Flex has recently expanded its digital health capabilities through a partnership with Google Cloud Platform — launching its BrightInsight managed service that delivers real-time information about connected drug, device or combination products. BrightInsight is a secure, managed services solutions that runs on the Google Cloud Platform to gather data, according to Flex. “We saw the

How GE is measuring blood pressure with selfies

Regular blood pressure measuring could soon be completely cuffless, thanks to a group of scientists and researchers who are working on creating algorithms to detect blood pressure using a smartphone camera. Scientists at GE Global Research, Michigan State University and the University of Rochester Medical Center are working on making algorithms that can analyze video

Hacking pacemakers is good TV, but is it for real?

Worry less about bad people hacking pacemakers and other cardiac devices. Worry more about them disrupting hospitals’ communications networks. That’s the major message out of the American College of Cardiology’s Electrophysiology Council, which published an article about cardiac devices earlier this month in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.  The idea that hackers might

John Snow Labs launches natural language processing lab to improve patient care with AI

John Snow Labs recently announced that it has launched its natural language processing (NLP) library with healthcare-specific deep learning models to help developers create software applications that understand medical texts. The NLP library will give healthcare providers the ability to quickly process and interpret a variety of clinical texts like patient notes, lab reports, clinical

Attivo Networks receives validation from BD for BOTsink cybersecurity solution

Attivo Networks recently announced that it has received validation through a BD Product Security Partner Program for its BOTsink cybersecurity deception solution when used with BD devices. The company recently expanded its IOT portfolio, and the BD collaboration will allow for improved detection capabilities against cyber threats that impact medical devices. The deception-based threat detection

MD&M West: 10 technologies you should know

MD&M West is one of the largest medical device manufacturing events in the world, so it’s easy to get lost on the show floor. Even if you were in Anaheim, Calif., for the event last week, you may have missed a lot. From a new robotics insights display from Rethink Robotics to a disinfectant-resistant plastic

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Rethink Robotics wants to make advanced manufacturing smarter: Here’s how

Rethink Robotics is touting a value-add to its Sawyer manufacturing robots: a new feature called Intera Insights that displays key performance indicators (KPIs) on a customizable on-robot display, as well as on smart devices on the same network. Think easy access to metrics including cycle time, part count, speed and force. “Instead of just having it be ones and

MasterControl thinks it can speed up validation: Here’s how

MasterControl officials are touting cloud-based software-as-a-service as a way for medical device manufacturers to speed up validation processes. Their first validation excellence tool (VxT) involves risk-based software validation. The VxT — which MasterControl (Salt Lake City) showed off last week at MD&M West in Anaheim, Calif. — is a value-add on top of MasterCloud’s software solutions.

Epec launches new customer portal version

Epec recently announced that it has released its newest version of its Customer Portal. The company first released the Customer Portal in May 2015. After numerous usability complaints from customers, Epec’s ERP administrator and marketing team performed a design overhaul to make the site more user friendly. The team completely rebuilt the Customer Portal website

How to streamline the customer complaint handling process

It can be quite nerve-wracking the first time your medical device company receives a customer complaint. What are your next steps? Is this something serious? Jon Speer, Greenlight Guru At some point, most companies will need to deal with customer complaints. It is a unique process because it’s the only quality process where you interact