These antique surgical kits will make you glad you live today


antique surgical kits Revolutionary War Right about now, Indiana Jones is exclaiming: “They belong in a museum!”

RR Auction house recently auctioned off antique surgical kits that a Harvard Medical School founder used during the American Revolution. The two kits, plus two other post Revolution-Era items sold for $104,000, CNN reports.

Two kits were owned and used by Continental Army surgeon Dr. John Warren during the U.S. Revolutionary War. The kits show signs of heavy usage and convey a legacy of the high amputation rates and lack of sterilization.

Tens of thousands of American patriots and British troops and loyalists died in the Revolutionary War. Wounds from musket balls were rarely superficial, and amputation was fairly common, even though as few as 35% survived the procedure. Amputation kits were therefore essential on the battlefield and in very high demand. The Continental Army had little in the way of surgical instruments to provide their doctors, and surgeons were forced to rely on their own personal property to make it through the war.

Check out the slideshow to explore two surgical kits that RR Auction says dated to the American Revolution, plus later antique surgical kits for comparison. We are glad we won’t ever see these types of kits in our local hospitals!


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DeviceTalks West: Expertise you need to know

textadimage Medical device suppliers are light years away from the days when they merely filled orders to spec for medtech OEMs – as a visit to the upcoming DeviceTalks West will quickly confirm.

From incorporating steerability into catheters to getting validation and testing done right, the companies serving the medical device industry have become specialized experts in their own right.

Read on to discover five example of medical device expertise to be had at DeviceTalks West, which runs Dec. 11–12 in Orange County, Calif.

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