What is the hardest thing about medtech IoT?

The medtech IoT space is fraught with decisions that can make or break a product launch. There are several points at which developers in the space might want to throw their hands up or put their head under the covers. We asked some device experts to share their toughest lessons from IoT in the medical

How Consensus Orthopedics added smarts to orthopedic devices

Consensus Orthopedics made headlines with its TracPatch this year. So how did an ortho company get a digital product to market? Let’s face it, orthopedic devices are dumb. That is to say, they are mute. Silent. And in today’s healthcare environment, the silent kind of dumb is dangerous. Consensus Orthopedics (El Dorado Hills, Calif.) wanted to

How Bigfoot Biomedical wants to disrupt diabetes care

Bigfoot Biomedical is a highly competitive player in medtech’s race to develop an artificial pancreas. The 50-person company has made rapid progress towards developing a smart, automated insulin delivery system since its beginnings in 2014. Just yesterday Bigfoot announced that it is partnering with Abbott, bringing together Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre glucose monitoring tech and Bigfoot’s insulin

Cybersecurity: Is medtech ‘lackadaisical’ about it?

The medical device industry needs to shake itself out of its stupor when it comes to cybersecurity, according to James Scott, senior fellow at the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology and author of the new paper, How to Crush the Health Sector’s Ransomware Pandemic. Companies in the medtech sector and the overall healthcare space face

Edge computing: It’s what healthcare IoT craves

Ever hear of edge computing? If you’re in healthcare, you will soon if you haven’t already, according to experts. The reason is IoT. IoT devices such as fitness wearables, glucose monitors, telehealth tools and other sensors are poised to revolutionize health. But there are some barriers that are keeping IoT from realizing its full potential

Medtech IoT: We need to talk about what is happening in middleware

Middleware could be the key when it comes to discussing how the Internet of Things is going to succeed in medtech. In the most simplistic definition, middleware is software that acts as a bridge between an operating system or database and applications, especially on a network. For example, if a bedside monitor is designed to

Biomedical engineering is aligning with hospital IT: what it means for medtech

Traditionally in hospitals biomedical engineering departments are the ones responsible for installing and maintaining regulated medical devices. But this role has been changing over the last decade. With the rise of connected health, these teams are realizing that they need a tighter connection with the information technology departments. “Biomedical or clinical engineering departments have been

3 geekable moments at HIMSS 2017: a video slideshow

HIMSS 2017 is just around the corner. The annual conference and exhibition is held February 20–23, in Orlando, Fla. Among the highlights for the expected 40,000 health IT professionals, vendors and executives is a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter; a keynote speech from former Speaker of the House, John Boehner; and an interoperability showcase.  

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B. Braun, Iatric Systems integrate Outlook infusion pump, Accelero Connect software

B. Braun Medical said today that it integrated its Outlook large-volume infusion pump with Iatric Systems‘ Accelero Connect integration software. The technology enables the pump to communicate with electronic health record systems, such as Meditech. Bethlehem, Pa.–based B. Braun said it used Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise standard communication protocols and transactions to support the integration.

New RIGOL Arbitrary Waveform Generator redefines performance for entry level instruments

RIGOL Technologies, Inc. announces an expansion of their Waveform Generator Portfolio.  The new DG1022Z gives budget constrained customers an uncompromised solution with advanced features typically reserved for much higher price points.  Now Makers, Educators, and IoT designers working with both electrical and RF applications can build long complex arbitrary waves, generate 8th order harmonics, create

Cohero raises $9m Series A for smart inhalers

Cohero Health said today that it closed a $9 million Series A round for its BreatheSmart patient monitoring platform, which can track medication adherence and measure lung functioning. The funds are also earmarked for commercial development efforts and expanding Cohero’s clinical trial program. The round was led by Three Leaf Ventures with participation by Zaffre Investments and BioAdvance, Cohero

Medical augmented reality to reach inflection point by 2018-2019, says ABI Research

Medical augmented reality (AR) activity is tentatively used today in first responder training and education. But ABI Research predicts that the market, particularly smart glasses or head-mounted devices, will hit an inflection point between 2018 and 2019. The report, “AR in Telemedicine, Training and First Responder Medical Applications” predicts that after first responders adopt the technology, the

Ultralow power transistor could power device without batteries

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed a new form of transistor that drastically reduces the amount of power used by a device, according to a new study published in Science. Devices that make use of this ultralow power transistor could function for months, maybe years, without batteries, according to the team. The transistor

You should be worried about St. Jude Medical’s cybersecurity woes; here’s why

The dust up between St. Jude Medical and Muddy Waters is nothing short of a cybersecurity nightmare – even for companies that have a solid security plan in place. The medtech community needs to better understand it and keep a close eye on the developments. Essentially, it represents an ethical gray area on the part of cybersecurity

Powerbox presents new products ready to power Industry 4.0

Powerbox, one of Europe’s largest power supply companies, introduces four new power supplies designed to power Industry 4.0 applications. As part of Powerbox Industrial Line, the four series are based on the latest power switching technologies; LLC, synchronous rectification, active PFC, low leakage current and energy optimization. From 80 W up to 400 W, the