Ethicon offers new precision stapling for thoracic and colorectal surgeries


Ethicon Echelon Flex GSTEthicon announced that it has launched its new Echelon Flex GST (gripping surface technology) 45 mm system for controlling tissue movement in thoracic and colorectal surgery.

The new Echelon Flex GST is designed to help with precision stapling performance with a staple line integrity for a wide range of tissue thickness. It’s best used in thoracic, colorectal and bariatric surgery. It is available in 60 mm and 45 mm lengths.

Less tissue slippage during firing occurs when using the Echelon Flex GST System. It controls tissue movement with pre-compression and gripping surface technology to more accurately grab the mucosa in the staple line.

“The Echelon Powered Endocutter family has been shown in a very large retrospective study to be associated with significantly reduced hemostasis complication as well as total hospital costs,” said VP and Global Endomechanical Platform Leader at Ethicon Tom O’Brien in a press release. “The GST technology in this new device minimizes lateral tissue movement which may reduce mucosa. Failure to capture the mucosa may disrupt the healing process, reduce transection site integrity and decrease staple line integrity.”

Ethicon also claims that the system is efficient and cost-effective and may help reduce the need to reload because of less tissue slippage. It also suggests that the system has reduced costs for procedures related to staple line interventions with 42% less staple line interventions.

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