Keystone Electronics touts UL recognized, quick-fit terminals

Keystone Electronics is touting its UL recognized, male and female, PCB quick-fit terminals, as well as its male rivet mount quick-fit terminals. The quick-fit terminals are designed to withstand repeated mating cycles. The PCB mountable terminals have a Sturdi-Mount design that increases its mounting strength and stability by maintaining the terminal’s perpendicularity to PCBs during

Keystone Electronics launches new coil battery contacts

Keystone Electronics recently announced that it has launched its latest, coil spring battery contacts that are designed to slide into molded cases. The new battery contacts are engineered using a contact design that can be adjusted to different battery lengths to ensure low contact resistance and connectivity. The also have the option of being drop

Keystone Electronics unveils new battery insulating pull tabs

Keystone Electronics (New Hyde Park, N.Y.) recently introduced a new line of battery insulators designed to protect batteries and circuitry from energizing during shipping and storage. Device creators can install the pull tabs in a product along with the batteries so that they can insulate and prevent the batteries from energizing prior to use. Device users simply

Keystone Electronics introduces surface mount threaded standoffs for PC boards

Keystone Electronics has introduced a new series of threaded standoffs specifically designed and packaged for use on PC boards in the same manner as other surface mount components. “The devices can be used in any PCB construction, including medical electronics,” said Joe Rosenblum, a company spokesperson. Manufactured from steel with a tin plate, these standoffs

Keystone introduces new waterproof modular RJ45 connectors

A new series of waterproof connectors suitable for 100Base-T (Fast Ethernet) applications are now available from Keystone Electronics Corp. These new RJ45 jacks and sockets are IP68 rated for underwater, dust and other harsh environments.  Manufactured for increased durability, these new waterproof devices can endure a minimum of 500 insertion cycles.  Rated for 125 VAC

New SMT coin cell contacts for battery enclosures

Keystone Electronics presents additional contacts into its diverse selection of SMT enclosure coin cell contacts providing more design versatility for cost effective, dependable connections in self-contained battery compartments. These new contacts require minimal board space while allowing easy installation and removal of a coin cell battery within a battery enclosure. Their ultra low profile and compact