The top 10 medical disruptors of 2018


5. The emergence of distance health


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Physicians are working toward a goal of being able to provide healthcare from the comfort of a patient’s home. This means bringing monitoring devices into the homes and the ability to have a physician tell a patient the type of treatment they need to go through for certain conditions without having to go into the doctor’s office.¬†Distance health will also help bring healthcare to people in rural areas and to patients who are unable to travel.

The emergence of better connectivity will help bring distance health to the forefront, making it an innovation and disruptor of 2018. In 2018, the Cleveland Clinic reports that at least 7 million people will use tele-health methods for healthcare and nearly 90% of healthcare executives are working on implementing a tele-health program.

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  1. Very promising disruptions in Healthcare. Will be interested as an incubator to closely track the development of ideas of healthcare startups.

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