CES 2017: Medical technologies you need to know

Danielle Kirsh, MDO Assistant Editor Updated Jan. 6, 2017 The year’s biggest tech event—the annual Consumer Electronics Show—has been about eye-popping television displays, driverless cars, wireless audio and, of course, a host of wearables and other mobile health devices. Some of the claims should be taken with a grain of salt. (Anyone ever heard of

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EarlySense wants to get its mobile health sensor into your home

Health monitor company EarlySense is expanding into the consumer space. The Waltham, Mass.–based company announced Tuesday that is has created a contact-free consumer health monitor that can share information on heart, breathing cycles, stress and sleep indicators with users and their families and caregivers. The Live by EarlySense is a two-part system that is similar

Sterifre Medical seeks millions for desktop sterilization device

Sterifre Medical, a company that has developed a desktop sterilization device that only uses room temperature plasma, has already brought in $1.33 million of the $5 million it plans to raise in its present funding round, according to a recent U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing. The money raise, reported in an SEC Form D

Here’s how 3D printed kidneys are closer to reality

A team of scientists has constructed a functional 3D printed renal architecture containing living human epithelial cells, bringing us one step closer to having 3D printed kidneys. Harvard University engineering professor Jennifer A. Lewis and her team, in collaboration with Roche scientist Annie Moisan, have constructed a functional 3D renal architecture that has living human

MasterControl reports innovation and continued growth

MasterControl, a leading global provider of enterprise quality management systems (EQMS) and quality and compliance consulting services, says it has experienced a stellar year in terms of company growth and customer success and delivering new advancements to the market. “If I had to categorize the scope of 2016 for MasterControl, I would call it a

Biom’up receives CE mark approval for first active hemostatic powder

Biom’up announced that it has received CE Marking for its Hemoblast Bellows active hemostatic powder and delivery system. Hemoblast Bellows is indicated in open surgical procedures as an adjunct to hemostasis when controlling of bleeding by conventional techniques is ineffective or impractical. Hemoblast Bellows is indicated in the following surgical specialties: cardiac, vascular, abdominal, urology,

New X-ray technique could improve bomb detection and breast cancer treatment

An X-ray imaging technology has been successfully developed to the point where it is now ready for translation into all kinds of beneficial applications, including potentially life-saving uses in security and healthcare. Funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), a major five-year project led by University College London (UCL) has achieved this

CNOGA Medical was announced the “Most Innovative company in the Israeli national Pavilion” at the Medica 2016 Exhibition

CNOGA Medical announced that it has been recognized as the “Most Innovative company in the Israeli national Pavilion.” CNOGA TensorTip medical devices use a real time color image sensor and unique algorithms to accurately measure more than dozen bio parameters from the patients’ fingertip blood capillaries non-invasively. “We are pleased to receive this award acknowledging

Harnessing the power of value engineering

Value engineering is a standard methodology for studying potential improvements by reviewing the relationship of functions and cost. Originating during World War II, the idea is that you can improve products through extensive examination of the functions and eliminate or replace parts or materials. What is different is that it looks at the total line

Baxter CEO Almeida on creating a bridge between invention and innovation

“The part that separates most companies regarding innovation, those that truly get it, is the bridge between the invention and the innovation,” Baxter chairman & CEO Joe Almeida said last week at the annual Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit. The ability to bring innovation or an invention to the world is what distinguishes companies that