Turns out knee surgery can hold even in heavier patients

Increased body mass index is actually a poor predictor of whether a common type of knee surgery, meniscal repair, will fail, according to new research out of Ohio State University. The results matter because experts assumed that BMI plays a role when it came to the roughly 15% of meniscal repairs that fail, said Dr. David

Covestro polycarbonates instrumental to orthopedic surgery innovation

Orthopedic implants are helpful in restoring the quality of life for patients suffering from pain and reduced mobility. Bio2 Technologies of Woburn, Mass. has developed Vitrium Bioactive Glass Implants that are an alternative to allograft and porous metals. In addition to this innovative material, the company is also taking a novel approach to the surgical

Phecda is world’s first robot-assisted upper cervical vertebrae surgery

Chinese surgeons implanted a screw to support a neck bone with the help of a robot in what they’re touting as the world’s first upper cervical vertebrae robot-assisted surgery. The Beijing Tinavi Medical Technology robot, named Phecda, was used to assist the surgeon at Beijing Jishuitan Hospital. Phecda is a surgical robot that has a

Safe Orthopaedics releases connectors and cement injectables for spinal surgery

Safe Orthopaedics has released its transverse connector that it designed to rigidify the stabilization of posterior spinal osteosynthesis, and a injectable cement for Cypress screws. The cement injectables that go into the vertebrae improve the anchoring strength of Cypress screws. Improving the strength reduces the risk of postoperative instability and the need to have surgery

Medical robotics has a future in China

A host of medical robotics outfits have emerged in China in recent years as companies seek to take advantage of the country’s growing need to automate medicine, GCiS China Strategic Research analyst Siao Tin Soh writes in Robohub. China’s medical robots market was up more than a third in 2016, to 791 million Chinese yuan

Adams simulations help diagnose knee problems

Despite great strides in biomechanics, there are surprising gaps in our understanding of the human body and how it works. For example, the knee joint is at the center of a kinetic chain that starts at the foot and eventually connects the pelvis. But the connection between the tibia and femur provides little geometric constraint.

Medacta launches new hip implant and celebrates 20,000 GMK Sphere Knee implants

Medacta International, the privately held family-owned global designer of innovative joint replacement and spine surgery products, showcased its new MasterLoc Hip System and GMK Sphere Knee at the 26th American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) Annual Meeting, held from November 10 to 13, 2016 in Dallas, Texas. “Medacta’s commitment to surgical innovation is on display

Tyber launches TyPEEK lateral implant system

Tyber Medical, a privately held company focused on developing innovative medical devices for private label opportunities and advancing the science of bioengineered surfaces, announces the full commercial launch of its lateral access system, 2nd generation lateral PEEK/titanium composite interbody, and lateral plating system. The Tyber Medical lateral access retractor employs a popular 3-blade design for

National Science Foundation funds Nasseo for nanotube technology on PEEK orthopedic devices

Nasseo, a medical technology company dedicated to developing enhanced surface technologies for dental and orthopedic applications, has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research Grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The NSF grant funding will further Nasseo’s work improving spinal implants by using a nano-engineered surface coating; Nasseo will conduct feasibility studies with an

Spineology announces unique TLIF insertion options for the posterior midline approach ACT MediaLIF

Spineology, the innovator in anatomy-conserving spine surgery, announced the availability of multiple transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) technologies as part of the Anatomy-Conserving Medial Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ACT MediaLIF) platform. These TLIF technologies allow for TLIF placement of interbody devices using a direct posterior or ACT MediaLIF, approach.   The ACT MediaLIF procedure combines Spineology’s

New study reports spring loaded technology’s bionic knee brace reduces fatigue and enhances performance

Spring Loaded Technology reports the findings of a recent third-party study which links its Levitation, the world’s first compact bionic knee brace, to a significant reduction in factors that can lead to muscle fatigue. Research scientists observed the oxygen intake, carbon dioxide production and muscle activity of three healthy individuals as they repeated a squat

Medical Device Testing Services expands orthopaedic capabilities

Medical Device Testing (MDT) Services has added spine and knee wear testing to its extensive orthopaedic device testing portfolio. For the past 26 years, MDT has served the medical device industry as a contract test laboratory focused on mechanical testing and materials characterization. MDT was founded in 1990 as a division of EnduraTEC Systems Corporation,

Latvian wheelchair fencer overcomes back issue with customized 3D printed back brace to compete at the Rio Paralympic Games 2016

Stratasys, the 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions company, announced that Latvian wheelchair fencer, Polina Rožkova, is wearing a customized 3D printed back brace during her quest for gold at the Paralympics 2016 this week. The athlete, ranked 8th in the Épée Women Category A world ranking, turned to 3D printing in order to overcome

New product contributes to patient rehabilitation after limb loss

Orfit Industries has extended its already impressive orthotics product range with the innovative “OrfitransÒ Medium Soft,” made of stronger thermoplastic material offering optimal patient comfort. The ORFITRANSÒ Medium Soft, to be used for both prosthetic transtibial (i.e. below-knee) check (or diagnostic) sockets as well as for lower limb orthoses, developed by Orfit’s own R&D team,

Flower Orthopedics debuts next generation Ready-for-Surgery Guide wire kits

Flower Orthopedics announces the full market launch of its next generation Ready-for-Surgery guide wire kits for the cannulated screw FlowerCube. The patent-pending Flower guide wire kits reduce the number of surgical steps and are evidence of Flower’s continuing commitment to develop products that provide enhanced surgical efficiency in the OR. “With the countersink and depth