MD&M West 2017: 7 medical device industry supplier innovations



MicroCare Medical to introduce metal cleaner

MicroCare Medical—a supplier of advanced cleaners, coatings and lubricants for medical devices—exhibited its newest cleaning chemistry, Tergo Metal Cleaning Fluid, at MD&M West.

The new vapor degreasing cleaning fluid is a double-duty cleaner that can easily degrease metal parts and reflux circuit boards. It replaces hydrocarbon degreasers, nPB, TCE, PFCs and other older solvents. It is one of the strongest degreasers with a high kb value that is compatible with most materials including metals, ceramics, most durable plastics and elastomers. It is mostly used in aerospace, automotive, medical, extraction and industrial sectors.

Tergo Metal Cleaning Fluid is non-flammable and designed to enhance degrading applications. It does not need chemical stabilizers to work and prevent it from breaking down in water or white metals.

MicroCare Medical
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