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Zeus releases Aeos PTFE suture monofilament

Zeus, a provider of polymer extrusion, showcased its Aeos expanded PTFE suture monofilament.

The Aeos PTFE suture monofilament has a drape, soft feel and knot strength that surgeons are used to using. It can be put on to needles up to a 1:1 ratio for surgeons to create their own suture lines. They are low friction and white in color for easy visibility.

It is also designed to be a permanent implantable and non-absorbable suture material. The sutures maintain high sensible strength within the body and supports the growth of new tissues through the sutures. They can also be used in applications where absorbable sutures are not necessarily the best choice.

Some applications that it is used in include anastomosis, hernia repair, mitral valve repair, stent development and vascular stent graft suturing.

The suture monofilament is also biocompatible. It is non-toxic and produces no systemic or local adverse responses. It is USP Class VI approved and tolerates ETO sterilization protocols.

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