MD&M West 2017: 7 medical device industry supplier innovations



Medical device prototyping to be shown by Trelleborg

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions showcased its rapid medical device prototyping that can help medical devices come to market quicker. It also touted its liquid silicone rubber technology that can deliver the highest precision, consistency and longevity for optimal performance and complex engineering.

The liquid silicone rubber (LSR) technology is used to create custom shapes for customers and is an easy solution for the production of complex geometries. Trelleborg offers an automated approach to LSR processing with flash-less parts, waste-free production, in-process quality checks, batch by cavity and packaging.

Rapid medical device prototyping is designed to reduce lead times, increase response time for quotes and design samples, integrate global design and development network, reduce technical risks, and lower development costs while offering a variety of different material options to build from.

Trelleborg has also been making acquisitions to expand its capabilities. Last year, for example, Trelleborg announced the acquisition of Tustin, California–based Specialty Silicone Fabricators.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
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